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Author Topic: We should Win the Digicel At Home no Problem  (Read 634 times)

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We should Win the Digicel At Home no Problem
« on: January 09, 2007, 12:22:35 PM »
I have been watching all the group play over the last few weeks on the FSC highligh show and even though we do not have our best players we should still be favoured to win the tournamen at home.

The common thread amoung all the teams is that these players are mostly Amature the majority of them claim to have to work and also play football. 90% of all these teams are not full time professionals.

No sure if martinique and guadeloup will be bringing in french players for the finals but so far the players have been local based.

Cuba is a decent team but again mostly amatures so we should beat them.

barbados are 2 foreign based but everybody else local.

Our team is made up of fully professional men, most of them have experience either in US or on the fring of the national team,

Added to that fact they have been training for about 1 month with more resources that most of these other caribbean teams

These players have to be hungry this is their opportunity to get caps get established and maybe get the exposure to go foreign so they should play hungry.

based on these facts we should still win.

1) Fully Professional players (based on ability we are on par or better than all the other teams)

2) Preparations are better, we have been training as a team for 1 month

3) We are playing at home, support and familiarity should benefit us

4) Hungar to win, if these men cannot motivate themself to win then they need to get a new professions most of them have been praying for this chance.

The only thing against us is all the other teams have been playing to get to this point so they have been through the battle.
We have had no formal competitive games and there is no practice like the real thing.

That said I expect us to overcome this and Wim needs to use his experience to get these guys over the hump.

Once we ready we should win.

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Re: We should Win the Digicel At Home no Problem
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2007, 12:26:24 PM »

barbados are 2 foreign based but everybody else local.

4 but still a low number.
also remember the other teams might not be full time but they been training together longer.
It should be a competitve competition. No Ease for not one team, well there is always one side that comes off worse...
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