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Author Topic: Is the USA beatable?  (Read 6748 times)

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Re: Is the USA beatable?
« Reply #30 on: July 26, 2005, 08:49:43 PM »
i feel we should keep forcing the US out wide..whereas they will be playing to our strength...which is our tall central defence and cross catching goalkeeper(hopefully Shaka).
Ah cyar see dat one. Dat is playing wit fire. Yuh fuhget how Eddie Johnson score dat first goal against we on Ash Wednesday? Is one ting to be able tuh head out de ball, but yuh have tuh be positioned well. Imagine Johnson score dat goal when Dog was "marking" him.

good point Tallman..that so true yes.
But you ent feel the defence get a lil better organised since Beenhakker in charge now?...we should be able to have more bodies in and around the box now that actually trying to mark someone.
well my mind now run on that stupid first goal Mexico score on we...we really have to work on that ball watching shit too.
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Re: Is the USA beatable?
« Reply #31 on: July 26, 2005, 09:08:31 PM »
I take a different view on beating de US. Honestly I dont think we should look to dat Panama game for hints as to how US will play us. De US team is too technically superior at making adjustments than we are because they have depth in de squad. I think it will come down to who can impose deh game and keep deh concentration better because they already know what we have to offer. We have no surprises in de squad at de moment.

I jus think that if our midfield holds up the ball better than the last time and we go for some speed up front we can beat them. I think they are beatable. It was no midfield creation ( until Theobald came on late) and our concentration in defence that let us down de last time wid men like Johnson out-jumping and out-thinking Andrews and Stern missing header left right and centre.

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Re: Is the USA beatable?
« Reply #32 on: July 26, 2005, 10:49:33 PM »
You sound like you eh have no money on that game boy! ;D ......Check Tallman stats. and ever since I small USA hard to beat. So if that is not a Dynasty against we I don't know what is.

Definitely can't put money on T&T (or most CONCACAF teams).  I didn't realise that the Dynasty referred to matches against us specifically.  It makes no difference however, I imagine the U.S. will continue their run of favourable results over us for a few more years.  But one can still hope.

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Re: Is the USA beatable?
« Reply #33 on: July 26, 2005, 10:51:25 PM »
Formula for T&T to beat the USA:

Defend in numbers and make sure men cover for each other when we lose the ball.

Make sure men know how to play the line when defendin i.e.1 man not gapin while de ress a de defence comin out thereby playin de opposition onside.  Yuh lissenin Avery?

Make sure we doh give de US wide players any room because their crossing is deadly.  That mean whoever coverin we wingbacks when they go tight on dey man have to be alert.

Counter attack effectively.  We doh have de pace to launch lightening counter attacks so our counters have to be as quick & efficient as possible.  Carlos HAVE TO put quality balls in de box for Stern & Yorke.

We have as good a chance as any on dead ball situations (especially Dog, Lawrence, Atiba if he play, Yorke, Stern & Kenwyne Jones when he come on) around their penalty area and from corners.

Play de full 90 minutes PLUS extra time.  Which means CONCENTRATING for the full duration of the game.  De more tired you are, the more susceptible you are to conceding a goal.  USA is notorious for scoring late goals.

Disciplined tackling in and around the penalty area.  USA also renowned for getting calls from de ref.

Jack or Shaka will have to keep us in the game.

The US will have to throw away some opportunities.

Put all that together and we can come away with a favourable result.

Likely?  Given history and form, probably not.

Impossible?   Not at all!
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Re: Is the USA beatable?
« Reply #34 on: July 26, 2005, 11:39:44 PM »
we have to forget about beating th US.This is one game where we have to get a draw, so we should play a 4-5-1.We win de midfield.keep de ball and play for 90 min. we should be alright .But even if we lose it eh no big deal because we have to be getting points from we other games.
 Three point against Panama,Guatemala and Costa Rica and Jack influence against Mexico for whatever we need by then go be enough,because by that time Mexico go already qualify.

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Re: Is the USA beatable?
« Reply #35 on: July 26, 2005, 11:59:51 PM »
We just cannot run with them, trap like them, pressure as a team like them and simply keep up with them for 90 mins.
Plus they have an unnatural knack for scoring lucky goals.
If we get a point vs them next month, it will be like a victory.
They are number 6 in the world and we playing in their yard.
Agree with the above, but not the following conclusion

By us - NO
By top teams - OF COURSE.

From what we see in the gold cup, no way whatsoever, especially in the US.
Two of the top US strikers Demarcus Beasley and Landon Donovan seem to be getting out of form.   If that is the case then we stand a chance.

Panama played good and made USA look ordinary, yes all teams beatable, but without fitness we stand a hard chance, if you notice Panama run they life out from start to finish and look good even up to de last minute, they fitness and work rate was wicked.... they didn't give USA a chance to settle down and all they players was tackling and attacking together, unlike T&T we does move with one and two maybe three but Panama was doing it as a team.

Ah go say it again. Panama come with a full squad of settled players. Dey played well but dey didn't play a full strength U.S. team due to injuries, Columbia did not go wit dey full squad and neither did Honduras. Panama send some brothers dey dat close in age to Nakhid. De coach pull out all stops as he was on de bubble due to their LAST PLACE STATUS IN DE WCQs. Dey decent but really, Panama put all dey eggs in dis GC basket. Out of all de young and experimenting teams, yuh have to give Honduras dey props.
Not quite .... ;
Panama did not have the services of their key strikers Phillips and Brown for the game against the US.  Also one of their main defenders was out with a red card.   I thought that the yellow card given to Phillips in the previous game was unfair.  Panama has been playing technically sound football, since the start of the WCQs, and they are improving.
I have found the Panamanian team and style of play intriguing ever since their first game against Guatemala.  To me they play like T&T did when we were thinking of ourselves as a young team.  The goals they scored against Columbia and the US were textbook goals. One can see the attacking triangle moving up the right when the ball is on the right etc.

But is the US beatable? If Beasley and Donovan are out of form , and the defender taken out by the Jamaican player is out, and they are relaxed then without Stern John, we can pull off the upset.
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Re: Is the USA beatable?
« Reply #36 on: July 27, 2005, 07:22:20 AM »
Observer, ah living in Canada. Dat is dey best squad. Dey rebuilding and working hard at it. Panama pull out all stops. Pulling dem old man out of retirement like #7-Jorge Luis Dely Valdes and #9 Julio Cesar Dely Valdes, doh represent no youth movement to me. When we brink back Nakhid and Eve, man was in big uproar. Panama find a young striker in Luis Tejada out of necessity and due to injury but dat eh no young squad:

Oldest Player: Julio Cesar Dely Valdes (38)
Yongest Player: Felipe Baloy (24)
Average Age: 33

Savannah boy,

Yuh pull those age statistics straight off of soccernet, but yuh "forget" to put in the disclaimer at the end that says that "the squad information may not be current". In fact, that information only pertains to 3 of the players for which there was information on soccernet- the two Dely Valdes brothers 38, and Baloy 24,----- (38+38+24) /3 = 33. Come on man !!! If yuh looking to school someone, get yuh facts straight. A mistake is a mistake, but 'wrong and strong' inaccurate posts like that take away from the value of the forum man. Shame on you. Here are some of the Panamanian National players under 24, taken from the Panamanian official soccer home page.

Armando Gun 19
Gabriel Gomez 21
Orlando Rodriguez 20
Joel Solanilla 22
Juan Ramon Solis 21
Luis Tejada 23
Rene Mendieta 22

So factor those players in, research the rest of the team, take out yuh calculator and re-work the average....check yuh argument again and re-state if necessary.
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