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Author Topic: It looks like there's money in MLS  (Read 792 times)

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It looks like there's money in MLS
« on: August 04, 2005, 02:37:59 PM »
MLS: MetroStars Announce Harrison Stadium
8/4/2005 6:46:00 PM

Since 1999 the “SuperClub” has been planning on moving from the cavernous confines of Giants Stadium to their own more intimate setting, complete with real grass, in Harrison.
We won’t believe it until we see it, but the MetroStars and the city of Harrison, NJ have called a press conference for 1:30pm this afternoon on the steps of the Harrison Public Library. Just like any good MLS press release, there is an article in the Bergen Record about the Metros move to Harrison before the press conference has even happened.

The stadium is said to be an open-air stadium that will seat 25,000 people, at an estimated cost of $100 million, which will be mostly financed by the MetroStars.

The apparent hang up over the past several years has been where the funding for such a stadium was going to come from. The state of New Jersey has been strongly against public funding on such venues for some time (just ask the New Jersey Devils), and working with the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority would require extensive approvals from the state Legislature since they only control the Meadowlands Sports Complex. Finally the decision had to be made that the project would have to be privately funded, with a small donation from the city of Harrison.

The stadium will not only be a good move for the Metros, but the city of Harrison as well. The plan for the development will also include 150,000 square feet of retail space, identical office space, a 4,000 car parking garage, 420 rental apartments, and 200 residential lofts.

More information is expected to be released at the press conference scheduled later today. In attendance will be members of the MetroStars organization, Anschutz Entertainment Group, officials from the Town of Harrison, NJ, the County of Hudson, Acting Gov. Richard J. Codey, and Congressman Robert Menendez amongst others.


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