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Best Formation vs Guatemala.

9 (16.1%)
18 (32.1%)
7 (12.5%)
12 (21.4%)
2 (3.6%)
8 (14.3%)

Total Members Voted: 56

Author Topic: Thread for the TRI vs GUA game.  (Read 31007 times)

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Re: Thread for the TRI vs GUA game.
« Reply #210 on: September 07, 2005, 03:09:42 PM »
Well Tallman just post Latapy goal for starters....

Gols Galore Threads.
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Re: Thread for the TRI vs GUA game.
« Reply #211 on: September 07, 2005, 05:28:21 PM »
waitin for storebay to see the trini commentary on the goals.
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Re: Thread for the TRI vs GUA game.
« Reply #212 on: September 30, 2005, 07:34:31 AM »
Ah now see de GUA/TRI game thanks to StoreBayLime and I must say the team look good especially in de second half.

Ah still feel Whitley could contribute more, but he did better than all the other games I saw him play.

Stern John up his work rate and save the day, I find he did ok, better than his usual game in the last 10 games or so, the only thing kill him, is his attitude, he cussing de crowd, if I was they ah woulda pelt he ass....

Ah find we does still play a little to high which we must be careful with because we defenders slow, but I understand we needed to win and went all out and attack.

Ah still wondering how Bertille overlooked Silvio Spann, this man have some clinical touches and can run for 90 mins.... he is ah boss...

Edwards look better with his play and most of all his crossing...

Andrews work good on de right back...

Sealy had some nice touches...

Scotland, boy, de man leggo two hard shots ah still eh know how that eh go in de net,,,, he bad for years, he came on and made a difference, he look like he was vex when he get subbed, but he need to understand it was a tactical change.

Dwight and Latapy showed why they are world class, they really bring organization and confident to de team, Latapy look better more center and Dwight more deep in central.... he also scored a good goal that was ruled off side...Latas goal was magic...

Avery need to work on his crossing and passing.....

Sancho was a beast in the back..... he save de day many times...

Jack is becoming a real boss keeper and with Ince and Hislop on de bench it will push him to even be better...

Good luck vs Panama T&T, allyuh did good vs GUA, hopefully that will carry on... we also playing more like a team now...
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