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Author Topic: Crazy streak is what makes Celtic keeper Artur great, says Leo  (Read 801 times)

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Crazy streak is what makes Celtic keeper Artur great, says Leo
As his antics at Easter Road prove, there is rarely a dull moment when Artur Boruc is about.

But if Barcelona live up to their reputation in the Nou Camp tonight, the Polish keeper is likely to be too busy concentrating on thwarting Messrs Messi and Ronaldinho to give the crowd a second thought.

And while the eccentric Boruc needs no apologists for his behaviour, Poland coach Leo Beenhakker believes that his No1 should be cut some slack
. Boruc hit the headlines again at the weekend after he was booked for winding up Hibs fans following Celtic's 2-0 win at Easter Road.

Beenhakker insists that incident merely underlines his belief that Boruc has the character needed to be one of the world's greatest keepers.

"To be a goalkeeper at the top level in world football, you need to have a special personality. That is a fact proven down the years," said Beenhakker. "You need to be outgoing, you need to be self-confident and spontaneous. Maybe at times you need to do things that some people consider a bit crazy.

"But Artur is a young man in his 20s, so if he does some daft things occasionally what is the harm? Is he not supposed to have fun because he plays football? I'm nearly 66 and I still sometimes do a few mad things.
"It's part of life and it's part of Artur's personality. Take that edge away from him and he wouldn't be one of the best keepers in the world, someone capable of producing match-winning saves, because he wouldn't have the confidence.

"When you are standing in goal in an intimidating atmosphere like the Nou Camp, you need to act like Artur does. You need to be big and brave to cope because, when you make a mistake at this level as a keeper, people say it's a disaster.

"He can handle this game. He seems to rise to the big occasion, as all the best keepers do. I haven't had a single problem with him in my time as Poland manager. I only have him for five-day spells but he is one of the most sociable players in the dressing room and the fans adore him.

"He will stand there all day signing their autographs and he will show his passion for the game by interacting with them during the match. Then, when the serious business starts, he is focused and ready."

Beenhakker will be watching with interest as the match unfolds tonight and he has every confidence that Boruc will take the anticipated Barcelona pressure in his stride.

"I saw him in the first game with Barcelona and he produced crucial saves at key moments," said Beenhakker. "If he can perform a few miracles again in Spain and Celtic get some luck, you never know, it could be their night."

While Beenhakker hopes Boruc can help Celtic overturn a 3-2 first-leg deficit against a side packed with genuine superstars, he has warned them his old prodigy Frank Rijkaard is hungrier than ever to win a fifth Champions League medal

Rijkaard has been under pressure this season, with many saying that he will be replaced at the end of the season by either Johan Cruyff or Jose Mourinho. Listen to others, however, and Rijkaard will soon be on his way to Stamford Bridge to replace Avram Grant.

Luckily, the Barca coach has the good grace to acknowledge that such speculation comes with the territory.

Beenhakker, who has bossed 24 sides in 36 years of coaching, gave Rijkaard his debut as a 17-year-old at Ajax.

"Since that day, he developed into a fantastic footballer with a great attitude," he said. "He is a natural winner and, no matter how many medals he holds, he wants more. He wants this Champions League and he wants it badly. On paper, he has a team of world superstars but it's not easy to manage those egos in the way he does.

"However, Celtic must not lose belief."

Now we know why he really left Latas on the bench for WC, this was one of the few mad things  ;D