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Author Topic: See how World Soccer big up e-jacula?  (Read 895 times)

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See how World Soccer big up e-jacula?
« on: April 26, 2008, 02:08:12 PM »
  Page 38 of "World Soccer" magazine, May 2008 Edition, currently in circulation has the inimitable and indomitable austin "jack" warner ranked as number 9 in their cover story "Top 100 Movers and Shakers" in world football.  jack is listed well ahead of big time powerful men like Maradona (88), Pele (86), Cruyff (84) Ro-Ro (78), Silvio Berlusconi (17), Chuck Blazer (14), and marginally ahead of other men like Chung Mong Joon, Beckenbauer, Roman Abramovich and Rupert Murdoch, (13) thru (10) respectively. Sepp Blatter, of Course, is (1).
  Thing is, though, (and I eh get a chance to read all the details on all the listees yet, but) from what I've scanned over, just about everybody is on the list for positive reasons. Ah go quote allyuh wha dey write 'bout "we boy":

  9 Jack Warner
  Trinidad & Tobago/FIFA vice-president

Probably - after Sepp Blatter - the most controversial figure on the FIFA executive.  The COCNCACAF president has trodden a thin line with some of his football-related business activities, which have made him a comparatively easy target for investigative journalists.
Warner has always been a strong supporter of the FIFA president, whether Havelange or Blatter, and that has helped protect his status.
   (and (my own input) definitely helped propel it).
But there may come a moment when his colleagues on the FIFA executive decide that he has become too much of an embarrassment.
end quote.

....in other words, jack, yuh nose very brown but yuh have de board room smellin' like S$%T! You may soon have to leave.
The man has no redeeming qualities that warrants his appointment to the FIFA executive............in spite of however his appointmet has benefitted our country/region. His legacy seems to leave little that we can be proud of.   :'(

I guess if all the pictures on the front cover collage were a scratch-'n-sniff, he picture woulda smell like................

Not because a man ears long and he teet' long dat it make him a Jackass!

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Re: See how World Soccer big up e-jacula?
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2008, 03:34:52 PM »
Only 9
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