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Author Topic: Maturana names his squad for England clash.  (Read 16885 times)

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Re: Maturana names his squad for England clash.
« Reply #120 on: May 27, 2008, 08:52:13 PM »
Starting Line-up
Marvin Phillip/ Jan MIcheal Willaims
.Ancil Farrier    Dennis Lawerence  Makan Hislop   Kareem Smith
.Hayden Tinto   Aurtis Whitley  Atuallah Guerra   Carlos Edwards
Stern John  Kenwyne Jones

Carlos Edwards and Kareem Smith being Right Wigerer and Right Back sry ddint make it clear.
I rate Atuallauh Guerra as one of the best midfeilders in the country , excellent on the ball , good ball control and great vision and passing. For the past two games he came on he impressed.
And well maturana said it himself when he now arrived that tinto is one of the most skilled players in the pro league. I hope these two youths start or getto play a good portion of the game.

Tell me what you'll think ,that squad there an hopefully , Scotland, Theobald and maybe Julius James could fall in, still dont care much for Gay at this level.


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