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Author Topic: Are Warners days numbered ?  (Read 17042 times)

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Re: Are Warners days numbered ?
« Reply #120 on: June 22, 2008, 01:19:58 PM »
Theres so much information and conjecture on these pages sometimes, it can be difficult to see a clear picture of whats happening. Part of the reason for this is Warners superb handling of the media.

Everytime over the last month that Jack has taken a serious hit, he has distracted everyone with strategies, fantasies, lies and sheer childishness.

I just wanted to clarify the situation in a seperate thread so I can see if I'm seeing this all correctly.


1) TTFF chose arbitration in London rather than court in T&T. (They didn't suggest CAS because they knew the players wouldn't go there, so to achieve their aim of keeping it out of T&T court they went for London)
2) TTFF sent no witnesses to defend their case.
3) The players lawyer had to pay 6,000 of TTFFs fees.
4) TTFF have yet to provide the arbitrator with acceptable accounts.
5) The arbitrators decision is binding and enforceable in te T&T court.
6) The players were (apparently) awarded 50% of gross income.
7) As TTFF have admitted certain incomes, the players should be able to claim 50% as an interim payment.
8] This means that ay any time, TTFF could be ordered to pay at least US$1million within 14 days by T&T court, or face bankruptcy.

Gary Hunt[/u]

1) Like him or loathe him, Hunt is standing up to Warner.
2) Hunt will support football, but he won't be Jacks bitch. Show your accounts to receie more funding. A perfectly correct way for government to do business.
3) Stadium hiring fees have remained the same for 20 years. Tell me what you can buy today that is less than double the price of 20 years ago. Previous ministers should be critisised for this, not Hunt.
4) Everybody says the stadiums need upgrading. It makes sense to take proceeds from matches to do this, rather than T&T supporters paying twice - once through taxes, then again through ticket prices.
5) If TTFF make so much from ticket sales, where did the money go? And why did they still need handouts?
6) There is no financial reason to play home matches abroad. It is purely POLITICAL pointmaking by Warner. This has nothing to do with football. Warner is waging a war or his party.
7) Warners constituents should write to complain about Warner and make it clear they will not vote for him next time.
8] Supporters of Warners party should speak out in the press because Warner could lose them the next election with his games.
9) Unfortunately FIFA are too wimpish to critisise Warner. But he's clearly mixing politics with football.

National Squad[/u]

1) We will never know if Maturana is any good. There is too much interference from Warner.
2) The reason T&T lost on sunday was due to morale and self belief. They have the talent, but that final edge is missing.
3) TTFF are totally incapable of putting on a national team match. I have never seen such a poor build up. Waving a Trinidad handkerchief? No music for the anthem? No fireworks or stage show? Wrong kit? Very amateur, and a sign of the contempt for T&T supporters.

I am shocked and amazed that ANYBODY on this site can still defend Warner. It is true he has done much, but he could have done so much more. He acts like he's the country's top statesman, but he's behaving like a little boy.
The days those accounts come out, he will be finished. He has no TTFF money to play with now and the repercussions are showing. He won't give the blacklisted players a chance. He won't make sensible financial decisions, but would rather make political points.

He's being attacked from all sides. The players and the courts. The supporters. The government.

Its all about those accounts. And do we really believe that a top multinational company like KPMG take 2 years to add up a few million dollars? They handle companies with turnover in the billions. The only reason there is a delay is that TTFF haven't supplied all of the information. Because if they do, the arbitrator will see those figures. And Gary Hunt will have a solid reason not to give out any more money.

Perhaps the T&T Tax people should be putting pressure on TTFF?

Interesting days ahead, people.

The more I look at this honest and classic post, the more I wonder what's wrong with us.... What's wrong?
Also, Sjahrain, from the post above,  big up
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Re: Are Warners days numbered ?
« Reply #121 on: June 22, 2008, 01:41:10 PM »
Dreamer, there is NOTHING wrong with us.

Jackula is Sepp Blatter DADDY (his concacaf votes helped Blatter become FIFA's big boy) and nothing that Jackula does will in any way be construed as detrimental to anyone in FIFA UNTIL it jeopardises Sepp and Sepp's backers.
Only then will FIFA do anything to jackula.......so lets HOPE that one day he does do something that will shake up Blatter.

Until then ENJOY the ride

FIFA wake to KCUF UP..................please and thanks
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