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Author Topic: Woman cries out for help ,cop out to get me  (Read 641 times)

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Woman cries out for help ,cop out to get me
« on: August 07, 2008, 04:23:48 PM »
Woman cries out for help

‘Cop out to get me’

“PLEASE! Help me before I die.”

This was the desperate plea made yesterday by Vidia Maharaj, who claimed a police officer was threatening to kill her.

The officer recently appeared in court on a certain charge, and is out on bail.

Trembling with fear yesterday, Maharaj, 42, a mother of two, said during an interview that she opted to go public with her cry because she felt death was staring her in the face.

She also tried to commit suicide sometime ago, by drinking poison.

“I know this man is going to kill me because he is stalking my every move,” the woman said.

“He made me leave my work because he turned up at my job holding a revolver behind his back...I have to sneak out of my house because everywhere I turn I am seeing him, no matter what I do. I just cannot take it anymore. I am feeling like if I am in a jail.”

Maharaj said she feared she was going to become another murder statistic.

“This man continues telling me that he is going to kill me and he is still walking outside,” she said.

“At the time ,I was so frustrated and I just could not take it anymore, so I drank poison.

“But God knows why I did not die...It is too much for me to bear. This man is a police officer. He can get away with anything.

“No matter how many times I complain to police and tell them this man is threatening my life, he is not being locked away.”

She said her 25-year-old son was also burnt on his feet when he attempted to prevent the man from setting her on fire.

Maharaj said she contacted acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Gilbert Reyes and begged for his assistance.

“This officer (Reyes) really assisted me and gave me hope, but I know the police officer is going to get to me if I am not protected daily.”

Reyes confirmed the woman’s claims yesterday.

He said instructions were given to police officers to monitor the situation closely and to ensure that Maharaj was not harmed.

  lady get ah gun and take he out before he take you out , stalk his ass . jus emagin the commis tellin the officers to monitor the situation .

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