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Author Topic: The South Africa World Cup Organizing Team Contact Me for Help  (Read 831 times)

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The South Africa World Cup Organizing Team Contact Me for Help
« on: September 12, 2008, 07:38:51 AM »
this show up in mih email this morning. ah feeling to help a brother out. dis go be kicks! ah responding.

Mr.Mbeki Tutu
South Africa 2010 World Cup
Organising Committee.(L.O.C)
Fax:+27 86 560 3794
Johannesburg,South Africa.   
I am a Board member of South African 2010 World Cup Local Organising Committee (L.O.C).I am writing to you following a business oppurtunity in my office that will be of imense benefit to both of us.On behalf of my colleague who is a member of  (L.O.C) contract award commitee.we are seeking for your assistance in the swift transfer of US$15 Million to oversea for private investment.However,because of our positions in Government currently we can not invest this fund in south Africa,as civil servants we are prohibited by law to own or operate a foreign Bank account while in office,that is why i dicided to contact you in this regard.
Please note that this money was acquired from over invoiced contract amount for the renovation of some of the 10 stadiums to be used for the 2010 fifa World cup tournament in South Africa.The contract was awarded to a foreign contruction & Engineering Firm.the contract which was originaly valued for US$65 Million and was manipulated to read US$80 Million.The extra US$15 Milloin is what we want to transfer oversea for foreign investment.The renovation process has been completed ahead of the tournament and the contractors have been fully paid remaining the US$15 Million commission for me and my colleague.
We agreed that 25% of this money will be for you as foreign partner,5% will be used to repay all expenses made in the course of this transaction,while the ballance will be for me and my colleague.I will visit your country for the disbursement according to the percentages indicated above once this money gets into your account.Please be honest to me and let trust be our watchword in this transaction.
Meanwhile,all the necessary documents that will portray you as the original contractor and the beneficiary of the outstanding payment valued at $15 million will be forwarded to you,so as to facilitate the release of the fund to you.A bank account in any part of the world you provide will be accepted in this transaction.
Note this transaction is confidential and risk free.As soon as you receive this e-mail,you should contact me by e-mail or fax if you are interested in this transaction.If you are not interested in this Deal,I sincerely suggest you disregard this e-mail and tell no one about it.because,i am carefull on jeopardise my job if you mention this to someone else. I hope you can be trusted in this regard.
If you are interested,please reply immediately by e_mail or Fax for further details.
Email: mbeki.tutu@yahoo.fr
Fax:  +27 86 560 3794
I wait for your immediate response.
Thank you
Mbeki Tutu.
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Re: The South Africa World Cup Organizing Team Contact Me for Help
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2008, 11:00:48 AM »
The man say dont tell anybody bout it and you post it on the internet you see how alyuh people Harden.

is Jack Warner he trying to reach in a round about way...:))))