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Blues mark return
« on: December 11, 2008, 02:13:42 PM »
Blues mark return
Taken for ttproleague.com
Police FC are confident of a comeback within the TT Pro Legue in 2009 according to Muhammad Isa on Wednesday night.
Isa, a spectator at wendesday night's FA Trophy quarterfinals contest between St Ann's Rangers and Neal and Massy Caledonia AIA gave 'ttproleague.com' the insights.
"We are very confident that we will be back in the Pro League next season," said 2007 Police FC Technical Director.
"Everyone is anxious to know if we are coming back." he continued. "We believe its a yes and we are looking towards January to get things back on track."

According to Isa, the Police Cricket Club is already back on the pitch training for competition in January and this is a good sign for the Police Sports Club in general.
"We are confident in this commissioner (Acting Police Commissioner James Philbert)," added Isa.
"The (TT) Pro League has promised our place in the League when we are ready and its a place we are hoping to fill next season."
Police FC, the Police Sports Club in general was pulled from sporting disciplines and ordered back to fulltime duty by then Commissioner Trevor Paul prior to the 2008 season, just one year after the lawmen joined the Pro League ranks.
The Blues finished 9th in the League in 2007, their only season at the TT Pro League level and Isa is confident that a good bunch of players will be gathered for 2009.
"We are hoping to have a couple screening sessions in January. Our guys have been scattered across the country playing football so i'm hoping that they have been keeping sharp. We will be looking to select the best of the Policemen and have a good team ready."
As for the Technical Staff, Isa confirmed that he will carry on as Technical Director, however couldn't confirm for the rest of the technical staff until a general meeting also scheduled for January.
In 2007, Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper coach Michael Maurice, a former T&T international goalie held the rank as head coach of the Blues.
Maurice a former coach with Starworld Strikers has been active with the National team throughout the 2008 and could possibly be back with the Lawmen.

Written By: Randy Bando
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Re: Blues mark return
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2008, 05:36:37 PM »
change the headline

i taught it was ah epl team
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