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Author Topic: Concacaf 2013 playoff Booked .  (Read 1197 times)

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Concacaf 2013 playoff Booked .
« on: September 06, 2009, 01:37:37 PM »
This article was taken from forumite metro on thereggaeboyz no copyright markups are included

2010 Qualifiers are almost finish and we know the top four
finishers. When I analyze a situation come next Qualifiers
only a half place is available for emerging Teams .

Firstly, even if mexico fails to make the top four for 2010,
in 2013 they wont be a top seed team but can be considered
a favorite due to the fear Aztecca Stadium . The Aztecca ,
is over four thousand feet above sea level in Mexico City .
Although recent results have indicated that teams are catching
up in high altitude Mexico, non beside Costa Rica (during 2002 Qualifiers)have a victory .The mexicans will always be favorites
to take a slot in the Confederation of North America,Central America and Caribbean Football Qualifying (Concacaf).

Secondly , the United States is a powerhouse not just regionally
but globally . Like the mexicans the americans have Qualify for
all World Cups since nineteen ninety . The Question remain , will they lift a major Trophy in our lifetime ?. They seems to
improve and keep improving for each Qualifier . They have spent
huge sums of money on there football and nurture Major League Soccer and by doing so became a global powerhouse to rival Italy
, Brazil and England . So It is only fair to call a place for USA.

Furthermore, Costa Rica is a Regional powerhouse only to be rival by Mexico and USA . They have been a Top seed team
since nineteen ninety World Cup except in nineteen ninety
eight when Jamaica Claim the Third spot and nineteen ninety four
when USA host the world Cup . They are Third in Concacaf in terms of Professional Contracts given to its players .
For twenty Thirteen Qualifying only a half place is available
for Honduras,Haiti,Panama,Trinidad and Jamaica to have hopes for.
The Good news is that Australia will not be apart of Oceania ,and thus New Zealand are likely candidates for the vacant position .

In Short , Only a half slot will be available for emerging
teams like Honduras,Haiti,Panama,Trinidad and Jamaica to
play for . The top three teams remain in a dominant position.
Mexico are Geographically favorite , the United States are
are now considered a Global Powerhouse and Costa Rica are


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