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Author Topic: Hyland looks back on U-20 World Cup  (Read 815 times)

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Hyland looks back on U-20 World Cup
« on: November 05, 2009, 06:47:13 AM »
Hyland looks back on U-20 World Cup

It's been a month since Khaleem Hyland has been back from the U-20 World Cup in Egypt. The tournament provides a platform for young players to prove themselves to the world. Despite the elimination of Trinidad & Tobago in the group stage, it was a rewarding experience for Hyland.

"It is obvious that a World Cup is a unique experience, no matter whether it is at the U-17, U-20 or senior level. It is every player's dream to participate in one. I have never had the opportunity to participate in a World Cup before, and because I come from a small country, it might probably the first and last time. The organization was professional and top class. "

"When we went there, everyone was aware that it would be difficult. We did our best, and proved that our team was capable of competing at that level. In the opening match against Egypt, we lost 4-1, but the scoreline was exaggerated. We hit the crossbar twice, and the post once. In the second match we kept pace with soccer powerhouse Italy. We scored first, but it was ruled offside, and I have my doubts about that decision. In the last match we drew 0-0 with Paraguay. "

Hyland received good reviews at the World Cup, but remains with his feet on the ground. "I was one of the most experienced players in our team and the team tried to send. Time to think to myself I had not."

During the tournament Essevee did well, so Hyland needs to be patient and practice. "It is always difficult to return after such a long period. The coach spoke to me, and told me that he just could not put me back in the team, which I understand. If the team is performing well, it is logical to only make little changes. Over the next few weeks I will work for my place. We face few injuries, have a strong bench, and that is an asset in football. "

Original article: http://www.essevee.be/functions/list.asp?Lid=1&pnav=;2;&item=2228
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