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Little Gymnast
« on: March 03, 2018, 01:26:35 AM »
Mucurapo Gymnastics Achievers star in Florida

Mucurapo Gymnastics Achievers Club athletes and coaches show off their trophies and medals won last week in Florida.

The Mucurapo Gymnastics Achievers’ Club gave a sterling account of themselves last week at the 30th annual 2018 Florida Beach Gasparilla Classic held at Tropicana Field, St Petersburg, Florida. The competition took place from February 23-25. The TT club participated in levels ranging from one to 10, winning two trophies and 24 medals. One of the trophies was a second-place all-round team trophy in the level one category, and the other was won by Jadea Bowen, who placed third in the level one individual category.

Head coach of Mucurapo Gymnastics Achievers Club, Alexis Adamson, on the team’s return home on Wednesday, said, “We placed very well. I’m very pleased with the girls.” She said the club had been training rigorously for the past six months for this competition which showed in their results.

Their training consisted a combination of cardio and endurance exercises, stretches, and practice of the different gymnastic techniques. Adamson said she was very proud of her girls’ performances as they only had financial support from parents of the team.

The team consisted of girls ages six to 13 who have been involved in the sport for varying amounts of time. One of the older girls, Renelle Carter, said, “I felt excited about the competition. There was hard training, but we got medals.”

Adamson added, “Parents should get their kids involved in this sport. It’s a beautiful sport and it helps academically. People can get scholarships for this sport.”

She revealed the club will now shift focus to participating in local meets this month.

“We are going to keep training and achieving our goals to stay on top,” she said.