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Author Topic: Somebody needs to check Jack Warner pockets before he leave S.Africa.  (Read 644 times)

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Replica World Cups stolen from Fifa headquarters

PRETORIA—South Africa’s police commissioner says seven World Cup replica trophies have been stolen from Fifa headquarters in Johannesburg. Gen Bheki Cele said at a security briefing yesterday “we know that there was a burglary at the Fifa offices where they took seven replicas of the World Cup.” Official Fifa clothing was also taken, according to Cele. Fifa said the trophies were taken from a storage room but there was no sign of a break in. The trophies, which are usually used as gifts, are about 15 centimeters tall (6 inches) and worth euro210 ($256).

Cele said police were looking into the theft and suspected the people responsible were “very familiar with the environment in the Fifa offices.” Fifa’s headquarters is in the high-class northern Johannesburg suburb of Sandton. Fifa did not comment on the theft at its daily media briefing in Johannesburg yesterday, saying it had no information on the incident. (AP)
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