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Author Topic: Being coached by Bob Bradley finally catches up to U.S.  (Read 12544 times)

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Re: Being coached by Bob Bradley finally catches up to U.S.
« Reply #30 on: August 20, 2011, 02:35:10 PM »
IMHO Bradley has done well with the US Team. Gold Cup, Confederation Cup, World Cup.

He created a very good team spirit.
He got the best out of the players qualities.
The squad was always Organized
Managed to create a very attack minded US team.
He made excellent adjustments in games.

What more do they want from a coach? Beyond that USA do not have the special individual that can make a difference at the highest level.
Then again England, Italy, France were suppose to have those players and well you fill out the rest.

  ...not to mention, Observer, that the usa is just not really as good as they think they are.  I totally respect what their strengths are and on any given day, they can surprise some teams the way they surprised perennial underachievers portugal and Spain and to their credit, during the first half of the Brazil game last year.  However, when you look at the types of players they put out on a field and match them up against the types of players they come up against, they are hardly in their opponents' league.  I listen to how alexi lalas condescendingly refers to the usa as having lost to Ghana like Ghana is some shit side that come from nowhere.  Anybody looking at the first half of that Ghana game can see that there was/is a huge Grand Canyon-esque gap between the quality of the two sides.  The only thing that narrowed that gap during the game was the tactics, but in the end, it was the superior quality of the individual that catapulted Ghana into the Quarters.....The usa don't have playes like Javier Mascherano, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney or Gabriel Heinze, much less the upper, upper echelon of the top players in the world.  Players that can really change a game, when all things are square and equal on a playing field.  The usa, while dominant in concacaf, are still yet to find themselves on an even playing field as far is comparing their individual talent to other contries is concerned.  Cyah blame bob bradley fuh dat.   

My thoughts exactly. The master the basics (they can trap, shoot and pass) and they see set plays just like they see free throws in basketball. At World Cup level they do not have the individual talent or individuals who can change a game in an instant (especially in tight games that are deadlocked or even tactically).
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