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Author Topic: WC 2010 - Match 63 - Play-off for third place (10 July): Uruguay vs Germany  (Read 19659 times)

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this was boateng first game as right back..he played left back after replacing bastuder who started the tournament...he looked better in this position but then again this game was open.

That is the hallmark of a good professional. You put him out of position and he plays it as his natural position. To be honest, I have hardly seen Boateng played before.  I thought LB was his natural position. He looked proficient at LB, but  looked much better at RB. this augurs well for the Germans and for him in the future.

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hear nah ah wonder if men woulda be so bent outta shape if dis handball was in a game between two european or south american..or any team dat wasn't ah african team...and if i get back into coaching, i would advise my young charges to do de same damn thing senor Suarez did...or as Small Mag said (words to de effect), "fly and wrap it up like m*&ther c*&t Buffon!!)
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