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Author Topic: Footballers help Angels with their Halos  (Read 3698 times)

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Footballers help Angels with their Halos
« on: November 05, 2010, 06:44:07 PM »
Footballers help Angels with their Halos
North East Stars Media

Footballers from DIRECTV North East Stars were on hand to help an N.G.O. to promote their new condom brand. Angels Forever Foundation were promoting their new Halo brand condoms at The Ranch House bar in Curepe. They were also introducing their new poster girl, English model Jody-Candice Gray, who distributed free samples to the bars customers, along with Angels Forever Co-ordinator, Pauline Asgarali.
"It is so important for bars and clubs to understand that they have a duty of care to their patrons. These venues are the very places that people meet and therefore it makes sense that condoms are available. While we understand that condoms are still taboo with many people, our Halo condoms are packaged in a way that do not offend." said Asgarali
19 year old Gray, who paid for her own flight from London to help the Angels Forever Halo launch said " Most bars and clubs in the U.K. have condom machines. Being of Caribbean descent, I was shocked to discover that many bars and clubs across the Caribbean do not offer condoms. I had already worked with Flag Healthcare in the U.K. and loved the Halo design. I was happy to offer my services free of charge in order to help change attitudes in Trinidad & Tobago." This was Grays first visit to T&T, but its had a lasting effect. "I love Trinidad" said Gray " Everyone is so friendly and I have made so many friends here. The guys at North East Stars took me under their wing and Pauline and her people are so passionate about promoting safe sex and hiv testing. I'm definately coming back for carnival and will again be working with Angels Forever"
North East Stars players Gary Glasgow, Errol McFarlane and Arnold Dwarika were at the Ranch House to help the promotion. "The club are trying to support as many community projects as possible, and the health of our young people is a key concern to us all." said Glasgow.
Dwarika said "This isn't about promoting sex. Of course, we would hope people would choose to abstain. However, if young people decide to have sex, we believe that they should ensure they and their partner stay healthy and avoid unwanted pregnancies."
McFarlane added " The Pro League have encouraged all clubs to work more in their communities and have introduced the HOPE project which is supported by Digicel and First Citizens. This is just one of many activities that North East players support in their free time."
North East Stars C.E.O. Brent Sancho said " This is an incredibly important issue. Young people in T&T are not always receiving the necessary information to make informed choices. The current way condoms are marketed does not help remove the taboos. Many condoms are marketed more like a sex toy rather than a health product. No wonder people are embarrassed to ask for them." Sancho added that one of the main reasons his club supported Angels Forever was the design of the Halo packaging. "How can anyone be embarrased by a butterfly?" he said, referring to one of the packaging designs. " Condoms are the most effective way to prevent HIV and STIs. No one should be made to feel embarrassed about protecting their health."
Asgarali added that she has already been contacted by pharmacies to stock Halos. "After our press release announcing this launch, I was contacted by My Pharmacist and Bhaggans Drugs in Port of Spain and Carols Pharmacy in Couva. They loved the designs and the fact that the Halos can be purchased individually, and that they are sold together with HIV & STI. prevention literature"  Any other businesses interested in stocking Halos should contact Asgarali at angels4evertt@hotmail.com

Gary Glasgow, Jody-Candice Gray, Errol McFarlane, Pauline Asgarali & Arnold Dwarika at the Ranch House bar
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Re: Footballers help Angels with their Halos
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