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Author Topic: Eve, Marcelle appointed assistants for Olympic team.  (Read 4047 times)

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Re: Eve, Marcelle appointed assistants for Olympic team.
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Good appointments. True diehard warriors. Cornmeal need to chill.
       I agree true diehard warriors but what make them good appointments,they both have good track records as international and club players but what's their international coaching record,these guys will be dealing with our Youth teams,the same thing being labelled about Latapy will be labelled about them,it seems the TTFF doing a good job these days,Jamall and his programs,now appointments of Marcelle and Eve.

Coops these fellas are not the coaches of the teams they are the assistants ... sounds like a good opportunity to gain experience under a fairly experienced coach who has been getting decent results with our teams ... I fail to see the conflict here. We have to keep looking outside because we aren't developing our own.
      Don't read me wrong here,i have no problem with any Coach chosen to work with our teams i does just wish every one the best because i know from personal experience what's it like to work with T&T teams,my whole thing is don't dis Anton for these guys because he did a damn good job.

If yuh really want to know the truth, anton wasn't really coaching these teams like most of us think he was.

Really then who was ALVIN? I sure is he who went and talk bout IPOD. So I guess now as head of youth development his 1st assignment was 2 band IPODS.

Nah, Weary, I really specifically talkin' 'bout back when he was "coaching" the youth team that went to Korea......he really wasn't the man runnin' that team (it was WIM) and I wouldn't be surprised if any team he was running thereafter was being run the same way:  Anton as figurehead gettin' all credit, but really being an assistant to a higher being. 
    Could you tell me where Wim was when that team went to N Korea?Anton working with our national teams even before Benie so who you think should get some credit,our national team Coaches always work as assistants to what ever foreign Coach we acquire,that does not mean they are not our natinal team Coaches.


If I remember correctly, wim went to Korea, too.  Also, I happened to be at home some months before that tournament in Korea and I went to watch them play a friendly against I forget who it was, but anton was so-called runnin' the team on the sidelines but wim was the man addressing the team before the game, at the half and after the game.  And he wasn't addressin' dem like he was no consultant or assistant coach.  anton was hush-mouth on the side like he was a player too.
     Right now our National U17 playing in a tournament Shawn Cooper is the Coach, Anton Corneal is also their who getting the credit for the team?   

Well....if anton doing the same thing wim was doing when anton was coach, then Cooper is just a figurehead and anton is really the coach.....etc., etc., etc.....

Not because a man ears long and he teet' long dat it make him a Jackass!


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