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Author Topic: Gary Griffith Thread.  (Read 7589 times)

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Re: Gary Griffith Thread.
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"We can't crack this if 323 persons we have held with illegal firearms in the last three years have been given bail on the first hearing. And we have the intelligence that says there are no more than 800 shooters. So, we have arguably arrested and held more than half of the individuals, which means that we could have reduced homicide probably by half.

The math of a politician.

I wonder what the arithmetic of the Prime Minister, the AG and the Minister of National Security entails.
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"It is not possible to make successful policy in a state of ignorance or indifference to what goes on in the real world." --- Martin Daly.

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Re: Gary Griffith Thread.
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Gary is no puppet.
By Jack Warner (sunshinetodaytt)

The current spat being played out across social media between the Minister of National Security and the Commissioner of Police is a greater threat to the people of Trinidad and Tobago than Covid-19.

Ever since the Prime Minister declared a more aggressive approach to the maintenance of social distancing, a more robust measure as it pertains to the application of restrictions on the population and the declaration of who will be allowed freedom of movement during this heightened period, there has been a “toing” and “froing” on the part of these two principals and by now I would have thought that the Prime Minister would have intervened to bring this to rest.

What is clear is that Gary Griffith is no puppet…….never was and never will be!

What is clearer is that if this PNM Administration wanted a puppet who would rock to their every whim and fancy then Gary Griffith is not the man.

A casual glance at his achievements show that his career is inundated with examples of him choosing to do the right thing amid opportunities to advance his own sphere of influence and if Griffith is not the type of man that the PNM would have wanted; the question that begs an answer is why did they appoint him to the post of Commissioner of Police in the first place?

Gary Griffith does not and will not follow orders that are illegal; orders that run against the grain of his moral values.

Gary Griffith will not follow orders that challenge his spiritual upbringing as a good Catholic, the man is anal like that.

But most importantly, Gary Griffith puts country first and it does not matter what his political affiliation is or what position the one giving the order holds, if an order runs against what is right and what is lawful for the people of Trinidad and Tobago then Gary Griffith will not obey that order.

That is the problem that this Rowley administration seems to be having with their Commissioner of Police. This is the challenge that is apparently haunting them because Gary Griffith has openly refused to do that which is unlawful and accept the role of the fall guy for this administration.

If Rhoda Bharath were the Commissioner of Police maybe Rowley and Young’s wishes would have been her command. Maybe the police cells would have been overflowing with innocent citizens. Maybe the rights of our people would have been unconstitutionally suspended. Maybe this spat with the Minister of National Security would have never occurred. But Rhoda Bharath is not the Commissioner of Police but a puppet of the Rowley Administration, so, if Rowley wants blind allegiance at the head of the Police Service, then Rhoda Bharath should be appointed as Commissioner of Police.

Dr. Keith Rowley knows that what is needed in this country at this time is the suspension of civil liberties and this can only be done by imposing the Emergency Powers Act by the declaration of a State of Emergency.

The problem is that Keith Rowley wants to make that declaration but he has found himself betwixt and between because very early in his administration he chastised the People’s Partnership for declaring a State of Emergency and went on to append that his Government will do no such thing as it viewed such a strategy as an act that declares one has failed.

So Dr. Rowley has his hands tied by his own declaration and in an election year, he cannot call a State of Emergency because in doing so he runs the risk of a rejuvenated Opposition using his own criterion to declare that the PNM party has failed.

But in all honesty Rowley knows that a State of Emergency must be declared and it is here that Gary Griffith has become the fly in his ointment because Gary rightfully has refused to play along and enforce emergency powers without the authority of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

This is what the current spat between the Minister of National Security and the Commissioner of Police is all about.

The current spat has to deal with our constitutional rights and it has to deal with encroachments in our democracy.

It is a case where the Government is demonstrating a willingness to become authoritarian and autocratic and is seeking to enjoin the Commissioner of Police in what can only be described as questionable behaviour.

It is not that the Government cannot do the right thing and invoke the emergency powers because through Parliament it has absolute and transcendent powers in these matters. It is just that Rowley, since the crime waves started rolling in during his tenure, has adopted the position that State of Emergencies “would negatively affect the country including halting economic growth.”

At the bone of contention are a number critical issues; the first having to do with freedom of movement and freedom to assembly because since the declaration of a more robust lockdown which clearly was not well thought out, citizens have been asking questions as it relates to what seems to be restrictions on their movement during these critical times.

Legally, the Government seems to have appended through legitimate channels that citizens cannot assemble in groups more than 10.

The question citizens are asking is whether they can assemble in groups less than 10 and if they assemble does the police have the authority to arrest or detain them for doing so?  Is the number 10 the appropriate number?

Even I have a question on this matter because if the Prime Minister has legitimized that public transport capacity should not exceed half of the licensed capacity, will I be found adrift of the law if I am in a 25seater maxi that is carrying 12 passengers?

Another question has to do with citizens who would normally take a stroll in their communities as a form of exercise since there seems to be confusion relating to whether this is permitted or not.

Citizens want to know whether they would be interrupted by the police or members of the Defence Force if they go alone for a walk around their neighbourhood and to this the Commissioner rightly answers “no”.

If the Government wanted to restrict the movement of its people and their right to assemble then it could have invoked emergency powers and give to the police extraordinary powers to ensure that social distancing is robustly followed in order to wisely restrict the possibility of transferring the virus across our population.

But the Government cannot leave it up to the discretion of the people to act and expect the police to exercise the heavy hand of the law if the discretion of the people does not meet the lofty standards of the Government. There must be clarity.

So, the Commissioner of Police smartly communicated with the public regarding the powers of the police but somebody in Government was uncomfortable regarding what he declared and rather than call a meeting of the National Security Council to clarify this matter, chose the social media platform to air an antithetical view.

To the Government, be informed that you cannot outwit nor out speak Gary Griffith when he is in the right, you will not win!

At present, it is clear that his actions are legal. He is doing the right thing and the national community is behind him.

If the Government wants to curb the spread of this virus it cannot harbour sectoral interests and this is what the nation is reading in the Commissioner’s declaration of his powers.

It is either you fight this virus head on with a State of Emergency or you facilitate its spread to accommodate big business and at the end of the day we will all suffer and die.

Whatever decision you make Mr. Prime Minister just remember I told you that Gary Griffith is no puppet.

The real measure of a man's character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.