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Author Topic: T&T football future ?  (Read 697 times)

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T&T football future ?
« on: March 07, 2011, 07:52:00 AM »
Exclusive: FIFA Move to Kick Out Disgraced Indonesian FA Chief.
By INSIDER’s James Corbett (

(WFI) FIFA have made significant steps to ousting disgraced Indonesian FA President Nurdin Halid.

Sources close to the FIFA Associations Committee tell INSIDER that at yesterday’s meeting in Zurich it recommended that Halid be barred from standing for re-election when his term ends this month.

The extraordinary development may finally bring to an end to the eight year rule of the PSSI President, which has seen him twice lead the organisation from a prison cell while serving sentences for corruption. Halid has also overseen Indonesia's world ranking drop to 129th.

Under FIFA’s ethical code those who have served prison sentences should be barred from holding office.

But there remains concern among Halid's opponents that tomorrow's session of the FIFA Executive Committee will see his Exco allies rally to protect him. It is understood that the ongoing situation in Indonesia will be discussed then.

One source with knowledge of the FIFA Executive Committee last month claimed to INSIDER that Halid's Exco supporters had rallied to his aid in 2007 when FIFA's Association Committee ordered that that year's PSSI Presidential Elections be retaken.

It is understood that yesterday's Associations Committee meeting also recommended that the PSSI stage two extraordinary congresses - one to elect an independent electoral commission in line with FIFA statutes, another - one month later – to hold the elections. The moves should bring the PSSI into compliance with FIFA statutes.

When contacted by INSIDER this morning a FIFA spokesman declined to comment on the meeting, saying that its recommendations need to be ratified by the FIFA Exco, which meets today and tomorrow. A press conference is expected tomorrow afternoon.

Halid has become a hate figure in his home country for his mishandling of the PSSI. There had been concerns that he was attempting to manipulate the electoral process to enshrine his position as PSSI chief for another four year term.

Last week a PSSI electoral commission excluded two of his chief rivals, Arifin Panigoro and George Toisutta, from standing against him, forcing mass protests by Indonesian fans. The commission later declared the candidature of Halid and his ally Nirwan Bakrie invalid and passed the mandate back to the PSSI Executive.

On Monday, the PSSI's members declared a vote of no confidence in their president.
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Re: T&T football future ?
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2011, 08:00:18 AM »
"...Under FIFA’s ethical code those who have served prison sentences should be barred from holding office..."

Tief doh like to see a nex' man wit bag.   Too bad jackula never make a jail.

Not because a man ears long and he teet' long dat it make him a Jackass!


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