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Author Topic: Copa del Rey Final FC Barcelona v Real Madrid 20 April 2011  (Read 7333 times)

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Re: Copa del Rey Final FC Barcelona v Real Madrid 20 April 2011
« Reply #60 on: April 22, 2011, 09:04:23 AM »
Truth be told I doh like Real including Cristiano of course but Barca has been getting real cocky they needed to be taken down a few notches ... this is perfect.
They are not unbeatable but you can't be intimidated ... the epitome of that is Pepe ..... that's how you step up and battle .... I've a question to peeps here ... do you guys feel DeMaria is faster than Cristine Ronaldo.
De Maria is fast becoming one of my fav players ... what a fighter!
Fan on Marcelo and Carvalho as well!

Mourinhoooooooo .... tactical master ... how do you get your team to go from losing 5-0 then bring them back to beat barca 1-0 in the cup final ... outstanding!

I agree on making the team believe they could play and beat Barca, but I don't think their was any tactical master stroke (unlike Mourinho's Inter). Playing Pepe as a marker / holding midfielder was always an option, after all we saw the preview in WC 2010. Pepe did very much the same, to good effect vs Spain.
Real were quite fortunate in the second half due to Casillas heroics. This kept them in the game, while they were under extreme pressure. With Barca sensing Real being unstable they pushed for the goal taking risk. Barca got caught three time on the counter, twice on the Alves side. The second time DeMaria got behind Alves with a basic one two and the early cross was perfect to CR.

Meeting Barca now is a good time. They are not at their best, missing some key players, no depth on the bench for attack and Villa not on form.
Look out for the CL fire works.

On another note I was reading where Mourinho was not happy when the club bought Ozil (he did not want him). I bet he happy now. What a footballer!


Nah man that was some great strategy that Mourinho employed, very Masterful. Look at the first half the second half until Adebayor came on and then the rest of the game from the 85' on. Brilliant.

Luck will always be part of the game and your goalkeeper is part of the team, it not 10 and the keeper it's 11. He is there to play his part just like everyone else. To say he "saved" them is kinda false. It's very similar to a defender making a tackle or a mid playing a final ball or a forward scoring a goal.
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