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Author Topic: Please suggest some develpmental programs.  (Read 699 times)

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Please suggest some develpmental programs.
« on: April 06, 2011, 08:37:58 AM »
We speak often of developmental programs, but do we know precisely what that is? i am not saying I know but maybe someone can help me. But in my travels I would observe that Young footballers whether they may be very good or aspiring from as early as 8 or 9 years old would be in constant training and education of football. Not the seasonal training or Saturday morning coaching schools or the occasional every evening. I mean institutionalized training schools. Where the most qualified Physical Education instructors, coaches specialized with the rudiments of teaching, nutritionists etc. are employed. These student athletes are specially selected and are given a special academic curriculum with their daily training routines. Psychological sessions, the full works for their development. Have about 5 of these schools around the country including one in Tobago. They can play in zonal tournaments as well as their own institutional tourney. We just have to stop depending in the secondary school league to select our youth teams as they will never be prepared sufficiently. The youth players of even El Salvador are school boys yes, but, they never play in their regular secondary school leagues. thats for the regular chickens. Notice i didn't mention mexico. Youth players there just as in England and every other serious football country of the world are professionals from a very early age. this pro does not mean only earning big money but receiving specialized training and academic scholarships to ensure they can read write and speak well. We set up these institutions have they QUALIFIED instructors, hire the normal academic teachers, have them training, competing, and preparing on a year round basis and select our youth teams from this program and maybe, just maybe it can work. Even Cuba has this in their system.       


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