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Author Topic: Toronto Caribana 2011 (or whatever else it's called)  (Read 3714 times)

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Re: Toronto Caribana 2011 (or whatever else it's called)
« Reply #30 on: August 16, 2011, 06:26:26 AM »
nice, camera savvy at 7 years verbal pauses or bashfullness...a future journalist if there ever was one

macomeh yuh groomin ah lil factory of media chirren up in de bush dey or wha?

It en have nutting else to do here in de bush Dutts. Ah have to keep busy some how, ent?
De two of dem accustom to me propping a camera in dey face since dey born. Nidda one shy but madame is far more reserved than her town-mayor brother. He does drevay at the drop of a hat. She does wait till you notice her and draw you to her wid dem
I saw the SWAY lady in the marshalling area. She pass we den do a double take and drag she camera man back towards mini-me. Ah like de fact dat dey akse me firse for permission before they start flimming doh, because deze days media etiquette look like it gone out.