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Author Topic: Jewell: Scotland showing right attitude  (Read 811 times)

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Jewell: Scotland showing right attitude
« on: September 10, 2011, 07:57:41 AM »
Jewell: Scotland showing right attitude

Boss Paul Jewell says striker Jason Scotland has shown just the attitude he wants to see from players when they are out of the team. Scotland, who was targeted by today’s opponents Blackpool prior to the transfer window closing, has put himself in contention for a starting role against the Seasiders after scoring one and creating one against Leeds.

Jewell said: “Jason trained really hard in pre-season. He’s been in and out of the team but he’s never once moaned, he’s never sulked and I think he came on against Leeds and changed the game.

“He scored a goal and was involved in the build-up for the other one. That’s what I want. Not everyone is going to be able to play every week - you can only start with 11.

“If you’re not in the team, I don’t want you to be doing cartwheels about it, but I want you to act in a positive manner, showing the manager that you should be considered for the starting line-up.

“I don’t want anybody going around sulking with their heads down. Be disappointed, but you’ve got to try and turn that disappointment into a positive.”

The Blues boss says that Town did accept Blackpool’s offer for Scotland, which is understood to have been £250,000 not the higher price quoted at the time, and confirmed that the deal fell through due to wages: “What I understand is that we accepted an offer, which wasn’t £350,000, but they couldn’t agree personal terms with Jason.

“It would have suited Jason if they could have given him a two-year contract on the money that he wanted, but they couldn’t afford him, so we move on.

“I’m quite happy for them not to be able to afford him. He’s 32 and his contract is coming to an end here [next June]. As long as people are right and honest and get on with the job, I’ll always be fair with them.

“Jason was aware of it, he was actually in Trinidad seeing his family. I’ve spoken to him since he’s been back. There’s no big drama, they couldn’t pay him.”

Jewell says he always speaks to players if offers are received: “I keep players in the loop if there’s a club interested. And they know probably before me these days, let’s have it right.

“If there’s something that comes up, as long as the player’s right with me, he trains properly and they're decent, I’ve got no problem.

“If people want to be difficult and want to be awkward, I can be awkward as well. I don’t believe in keeping anyone who isn’t happy.

“But Jason’s never said to me he wants to leave. We’ve spoken again and he knows that if something comes up which is attractive to both him and us, it’ll happen. But if it’s not, it won’t – he’s happy to stay, we’re happy to keep him.”

Scotland himself says he’s out for a repeat of his most recent visit to Blackpool: “The last time I played at Bloomfield Road I was a Swansea player.

“I scored one of the best goals of my entire career – a left-foot shot from 25 yards. I’d love the chance to do it again. If I play I’m always confident I will score.”
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