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It's interesting to note that T&T is 4th in all time list of countries with highest number of sub-10 sprinters and that all but one of our sprinters who have achieved sub-10s are still relatively young & active!!

Men 100m Sub-10s By country
(All time list, only legal sub-10s are counted)
Nation => No. of athletes with sub-10s
 United States =>          37
 Jamaica =>                   11
 Nigeria =>                       8
 Trinidad & Tobago =>     5
 United Kingdom =>            3
 Canada =>                        2
 France =>                         2
 Ghana =>                         2
 Cuba =>                          1
 Namibia =>                      1
 Barbados =>                   1
 Saint Kitts & Nevis =>    1
 Australia =>                     1
 Bahamas =>                   1
 Qatar =>                          1
 Netherlands Antilles =>  1
 Antigua & Barbuda =>    1
 Zimbabwe =>                   1
 Norway =>                       1
Total of 19 Countries with 81 Male Sub-10 Athletes

NB: I will do my best to keep stats up to date as new male athletes around the world run legal sub-10s.

And of the T&T athletes with legal sub-10s, Ato Boldon (who is now retired) leads the pack with 28.

T&T men sprinters with 100m Sub-10s
(only legal sub-10s are counted)
Name of Athlete ::::: No. of Sub-10s => Sub-10s Breakdown (Time, Windspeed, Location & Date)
 Ato Boldon :::::::::::: 28 => Please see breakdown posted by fLaSh lower down in thread.
 Richard Thompson ::::  8 => Please see breakdown posted by fLaSh lower down in thread.
 Marc Burns ::::::::::::  3 => Please see breakdown posted by fLaSh lower down in thread.
 Keston Bledman :::::::  1 => Please see breakdown posted by fLaSh lower down in thread.
 Darrel Brown ::::::::::  1 => Please see breakdown posted by fLaSh lower down in thread.
 So T&T currently has a total of 5 athletes with 41 sub-10s between them.
 Who else is going to join them? :thinking: ______

NB: I will do my best to update these stats as more T&T sprinters around the world run legal sub-10s.
You can also click on athlete's name for link to their IAAF bio.

Click links here for stats confirmation & more details:

Please note I also intend to update individual athletes sub-10 breakdowns for both the USA and Jamaica to this post in due course after I have compiled and confirmed all the information!

This thread is to discuss which of our current crop of T&T men sprinters are most likely to increase their number of sub-10s or to become new members of the Sub-10 Club between now & Olympics next year.

Please also help with any information you can provide as to the actual sub-10 times, windspeeds, locations and dates for all the T&T men sprinters who are members of the 100m Sub-10 Club so we can add to their sub-10 stats information above!

We would also like to discussion which one of our current sub-10 sprinters in your eyes has the ability to fill Ato's shoes in the gobal medals and sub-10s department before their career is over!!

Many thanks for your help & participation guys!!

Imagine that, tiny TT with 5. If we want more, WE have to do a better job of nuturing.


--- Quote from: Deeks on September 20, 2011, 09:53:03 AM ---Imagine that, tiny TT with 5. If we want more, WE have to do a better job of nuturing.

--- End quote ---

We also want more sub-10s from the current T&T members of the Sub-10 Club who are still active!!
Which of our current crop of sprinters are going to seriously try to challenge Ato's position as the number one T&T sprinter and holder of most number of sub-10s in our athletics history?
Or which ones do you consider has the ability to at least challenge Ato's record but need to get more serious and work much harder?

Ato Boldon 28

9.93 Mt. SAC Relays. Beat Mike Marsh who ran 9.95. World Lead time
9.92 NCAA Championships (Eugene, Oregon). World Lead time and NCAA record till this year
9.94 Lausanne, Switzerland. Third behind Frank Fredericks (9.86) and Donovan Bailey (9.93)
9.95, 9.93, 9.90 Olympic Games (Atlanta, USA). Bronze in final behind Bailey's 9.84 WR and Fredericks 9.99. Ahead of Dennis Mitchell (9.99)

9.89 Modesto Relays. World Lead and Meet Record which stands today
9.95 Stockholm, Sweden. Meet Record
9.90 Stuttgart, Germany Meet Record
9.87 World Championships (Athens, Greece). Fastest ever QF. Maurice Greene was behind in 9.90

9.86 Mt. SAC Relays World Lead and Meet Record which stands today
9.86 Athens, Greece. Then fastest time in to a headwind ever. Fredericks 2nd in 9.93
9.99 Rome, Italy. Second to Fredericks 9.97
9.96 Stockholm, Sweden Second to Greene's 9.90
9.92 Monte Carlo, Monaco. Meet Record which stood till Asafa's 9.82 ten years after. Beat Bailey (9.96)
9.99 Berlin, Germany. Third behind Greene (9.94) and Jon Drummond (9.98)
9.96, 9.88 Commonwealth Games (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Beat Fredericks (9.98/9.96) in both semifinal and Final

9.97 Stuttgart, Germany
9.97, 9.86 Athens, Greece. Second to Greene's 9.79 WR. Beat Bruny Surin's 9.97
9.86 Lausanne, Switzerland. Beat Greene (9.93) and Jason Gardener (9.98)

9.95 Lausanne, Switzerland. Beat Francis Obikwelu (9.97)
9.99 Olympic Games (Sydney, Australia). Silver in Final behind Greene's 9.87

9.97 Athens, Greece. Second to Greene 9.91
9.99 Lausanne, Switzerland. Second to Greene's 9.90
9.88 Oslo, Norway. Crossed line second behind Tim Montgomery's 9.84 which was annulled. Beat Bernard Williams (9.99). Meet record still stands
9.98 World Championships (Edmonton Canada). Crossed line 4th behind Greene (9.82), Montgomery (9.85) and Williams (9.94). Ahead of Dwain Chambers 9.99. Upgraded to bronze after Montgomery's doping disqualification

Richard Thompson 8

9.93 Won SEC Outdoor Championship
9.97 Won NCAA Mid East Regional Championship
9.99, 9.93, 9.89 Olympic Games (Beijing, China). Second to Asafa Powell (9.91) in semis and ahead of Churandy Martina (9.94). Silver behind Usain Bolt's 9.69 WR in Final. Ahead of Walter Dix (9.91), Martina (9.93), Powell (9.95) and Michael Frater (9.97)

9.98, 9.93. World Championships (Berlin, Germany) Third behind Tyson Gay (9.93) and Asafa Powell (9.95) in Semi-Final. Fifth in Final behind Bolt's 9.58 WR, Gay (9.71), Powell (9.84) and Daniel Bailey (9.93)

9.85 Port of Spain, Trinidad. Broke Ato Boldon's 13 year National Record of 9.86

Marc Burns 3

9.96 Port of Spain, Trinidad. Won National Championship ahead of Darrel Brown (9.99). Then Meet Record and fastest time on local soil

9.97 London, England. Second to Powell (9.94)
9.97 Olympic Games (Beijing, China). Third in Semi Final behind Bolt (9.85) and Dix (9.95)

Darrel Brown 1

9.99 Port of Spain, Trinidad. Second in National Championship behind Marc Burns (9.96).

Keston Bledman 1

9.93 Clearmont, USA


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