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Author Topic: This was written before the Bermuda loss.  (Read 739 times)

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This was written before the Bermuda loss.
« on: November 15, 2011, 09:43:48 AM »
Someone in the football circle asked me to post this.

This Article was written on October 4th 2010
Trinidad played Bermuda on 7th October 2010

There is no secret why the campaign really came to an end from the loss to Bermuda

Accessing  the selection of theT&T Squad for the Bermuda Game

It is indeed puzzling and difficult to understand the rational or criteria used to select the players for our World Cup qualifier against Bermuda on the 7th of October. While we have to appreciate there has been some injuries, some forced withdrawals, and a retirement, it is difficult to understand the thinking of the persons selecting the team.

The Goal Keepers.

They pick themselves based on their pedigree and experience but one has to ask when was the last competitive game that Jan Micheal Williams has played for club or country. That will be in March of this year. I guess that Akeni Adams who has been in the training squad for the National Team for quite some time and representing T&TEC may feel a little hard done by this. I guess being on a trial in Belgium counts for more than playing in the Pro League.

The Defenders

Most of them pick themselves based on the recent past as well as the results the team has had thus far in the campaign. The inclusion of Abu Baker and Telesford is interesting. We wait to see if they will be included in the final eleven and if they are where will they play. Akeem Adams has been overlooked for the past two games for left back position with the coach preferring to use Carlos Edwards there and Anthony Wolfe at right back (who is actually playing as a forward for his club).It will be interesting to see what will be the composition of the back four. Who will play at right back in the absence of Carlos Edwards and Anthony Wolfe?  Will we see experimenting again in this all-important away game as we have seen in the first two qualifying games?


Clyde Leon is an established starter for T&T for the past three years and is an accomplished player; however his only competitive game since March was the game against Barbados some four weeks ago.

Kendell Jagdeosingh last played a competitive game for his club (Rochester Rhinos) in the A league on August 26th in which he played 31 minutes. That was their last game of the season. Come October 7th if he is called upon to play it will be his first game in forty two days!!! This is definitely unacceptable in the modern international game.

Keon Daniel has established himself as a national player. He has however found himself unable to play any competitive games because of visa problems with his team Philadelphia Union. If he is used against Bermuda it will be his first competitive game in thirty days!!  This is hardly ideal preparation for an international game, more so a World Cup Qualifier.

Kevin Molino is a quality young player that has represented T&T in the Digicel Cup. His last competitive game however was on September 3rd in the A League final. Should see action in the game on October 7th he will be seeing his first competitive game situation in thirty three days!! This is not acceptable now in 2011. We are not in 1962, as Tony Lee (I 95) will say.


Devron Jorsling has done well for Trinidad and Tobago in the games he has played, but his last game for the Red white and black was just under a year ago. That is a long time being away from the international game. We may well argue that in the absence of Jones and Roberts he should be the automatic replacement, however he has seen very little playing time for his team Orlando City during the last month of their season which ended on September 3rd.  In the final game on that day, he played just the last seven minutes of extra time. This is less than ideal for a striker, preparing to represent his country in a World Cup Qualifier away from home. Playing just seven minutes of competitive football in the last thirty odd days and possibly being asked to carry our attack maybe asking a bit too much of the player. This may as well not be doing justice to the player’s professional career if he does not perform to expectations in the game.  Added to this Stern John at 34 has not set the world on fire in the TT Pro League thus far and his mobility and energy level leaves much to be desire. His performances against India and Bermuda (at home) did not suggest anything different.

Notwithstanding all that has been said , all the players mentioned whose selection is being questioned (except for Stern John) are all deserving of a spot on the National Senior team had they been playing regularly and recently for their clubs.

So what is the reason for inviting Jerrol Britto and Winchester to National Training sessions?  They are playing every week for their club yet other players mentioned before are being selected ahead of them. Jerrol Britto is averaging a goal a game in the Pro League thus far. Shahdon Winchester is not far behind in performances this season and has been in the National Senior set up for the past 18 months. He has two senior caps for T&T. His international experience at senior level is not limited to this, since he has represented his club in the Concacaf Champions League. What has become of Andre Toussaint who I assume (in the coaches’ opinion) was good enough to play against India (albeit 12 mins) and to be in the 20 man squad that travelled to Barbados for the last game?  Added to this he was selected ahead of Hector who in the opinion of many was by far the best player on the pitch for T&T against India and played the full 90 minutes. Yet Hector was not even good enough in the eyes of the National coaches to be selected in the final 18 for the games against Bermuda and Barbados, A case can also be made out for Jamal Gay who seems to be at the top of his game at present for Caledonia AIA and scoring regularly as well. Gay has been part of the National Senior set up a well for the Digicel Cup.

It is all indeed puzzling but we hope for the best and for a positive result against Bermuda

So what happened- We Lost 2-1 against Bermuda.

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Re: This was written before the Bermuda loss.
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thanks...good stuff
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