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Author Topic: If Wenger Leave Arsenal Today and go and coach Man U tomorrow is he a sell out?  (Read 1971 times)

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Maybe not,
maybe he just taking a different job

No maybe the Nakhid issue is not that big an issue
maybe we just over reacting.

I think the timing is Bad but it may not be such a big issue as we are making out to be

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Yes ... bet yuh bottom dollar... them Arsenal fans go crucify him

better examples...

Rooney to Manchester

Alan Smith to Manchester

Ferdinand to Manchester

Redknapp to Southampton

the list goes on and on

Their old teams hate/villify them

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That is a bad example because with Clubs you are an employee. It is known that when you no longer useful you will get left out and when you have a better offer you will leave out the club.

A country is something different. Nakhid could coach Bahrain for the next 20 years and he will still be a Trini, and was never going to lorse that wuk.

Until now of course.

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yeah, de problem is timin.  de whole scene is dat wenger not even English in de firs' place.  club tuh club a man could coach who he want.  in fac', at de country level too, dat is a very normal occurrence.  ah mean, i cyah say Sven sellin' out Sweden an' de trut' is dat is not tuh say Engalnd and Sweden is two teams dat eh have no chance o' meetin' - is 2 big teams; Carlos Alberto eh sell out Brazil when he was coachin' Morocco years ago; and Beenie not sellin' out Holland.  a man ha' tuh eat....yeah, salt is not a balance diet.  
Nakhid problem is not dat.  HE PROBLEM IS BAD MIND!  What he do is in bad taste, possibly wid de sole purpose o' sabotagin' we chances - if not directly, den indirectly by causin' distraction.  anyway, he could do what he want.  ah respec' him as a player an' ah respec' he courage, but not he cause.

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The reason people are gettin vex is because the 2 biggest matches in our history are 3 weeks away and hes going to them, really think about. if we wasnt playing Bahrain would they give him a job???

international staff come like mercenaries, but wen u go to the enemy u are a traitor its that simple. nakhid is wrong, but he needs the money so good luck to him, i dont care because it wont help bahrain anyway. plus we have bigger traitors living in Trinidad clainming to be Patriots. i say bun dem all  :flamethrower:

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that is chalk and cheese
2 different thing

Wenger from France yeah he coach them and he has some loyalty to Arsenal but at the end of the day it go be business

you comparing it to Nakhid which is country pride 2 different situation

a better example is when Allesandro Nesta leave I think it was Lazio and went to AC Milan

them Roman and them eh take that to lightly they had riots and looting people place bun down and car get turnover

Ms que un club.

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They will be marching in the streets of Manchester for weeks.
Wenger will have to get a box like the pope mobile to coach in Highbury.

So  :flamethrower: for that Na_h_ _ fella
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Chupid talk again...That is not the issue...
If T&T make wc and beat Holland is Beenie a sell out???? :rotfl:

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First of all this is KND where is KND2 ??? Not that this KND any better, but I feel yuh like to get licks from both sides.

This is Bull. What yuh talkin about. We eh even play Bahrain yet...and we supposed "scout," assistant coach bail and gone...not to Korea, not to Iran, not to the US but to the country we playin in a few weeks.

Only ah ass would not see a problem with that. That is not only conflict of interest that is wrong. This fella have all kinda information on the team....out of respect for the country he shoulda at least wait till after the games. Less than a month. The Under 20 team eh in no hurry.

If yuh want to give ah example give ah better example. That one you give is very disappointing.

Here's a better one.
Yuh mudda just dead and yuh father marry she sister 2 weeks after. Come on man.

Here's another one

Yuh sister was gettin married to this man...he and she break up 2 weeks before the wedding and he decide he go f**k she Under 20 sister.

Give relevant examples not no Arsenal and ManU bull.
We never make ah World Cup...and we best chance coming up and ah we scout jump ship and gone to the country we playin in a few weeks.


Think man Think.

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Breds ask a die hard tottenham supporter what they think bout sol Campbell.

They does still call him Judas.

Job is one thing..nationality is another.

What making this 10 times worse is that Nahkid was a former player......We filkkin Captain, he was a player/coach then he was a scout, plus he running drill and looking like the most excited man on the pitch.

Now he gone against!

Imagine in town today all kinda man woman and chile talking bout Nahkid........he is the topic on all the talk shows on the radio and not one caller on he side. The nation hurt by this one.

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You know I have not been on the site long, but I have been amazed by some of the logic, comparison, and ideals of some of the posters here. I once read that "when a person wants to believe in something they see all the arguments for it, and becomes blind to those against it." Honestly what information can Nakhid give to these people that they don't already  know? Our last game was televised live around the world. How simple minded can we be. He is not part of our team for the preparation leading up to the game against Bahrain. Most of our major qualifiers was broadcasted. Reading other posts everybody and they nen nen have copies of our games. It's ridiculous. Everyone knows the quality of players we have, what they do not know (not even Nakhid, Jack Warner, and all of you who know everything) is how Leo going to  use them.
 Come on lets get serious.
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