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History and Genealogy..Family Search
« on: February 15, 2012, 08:31:35 PM »
A Research Trip To Trinidad

I went on a one week research trip to Trinidad from 24th - 31st August 2002, and have the following up-to-date information which may be of value, particularly to first-time travellers.

Lapeyrouse Cemetery, Port of Spain (Tel: 625-2275; 7am - 4pm)

A most extraordinary experience with an aura unlike any other cemetery I've ever visited. Entry to the Lapeyrouse cemetery is instantly overwhelming. The main entrance arch bears the date 1869 as recorded by V L Oliver, who went no further but surmised correctly that this couldn't refer to the age of the cemetery itself which is of much earlier date (officially 1813, but even earlier). Through the arch and on the right is the Guppy plot. It was impossible to find time to walk every Street and view every plot but some of the names represented here included RODRIGUEZ, GUPPY, CALDER, CIPRIANI, SIMON, COZIER, FRIDAL, LEE AFONG, REID, SHUE, ALBERTINA, HADID, CHAN, ALEONG, RENAUX, JARDIN, LEUNG, MACKIE, QUESNEL, GANTAUME, HENDERSON, CAMPBELL, MAINGOT, CARACCIOLO, PANTIN, MARTINI, SIEGERT. I was looking for the plot of my POWER ancestors in 9th Street which I found. Unfortunately, a tablet that had been screwed onto the bottom of the headstone had fragmented and consequently vital information was lost. The state of many graves is poor as might be expected yet many are quite legible also so you may be in luck. I was lucky on two counts. First I met Anthony Henderson (Ash Cemetery Services, Tel: 628-2610) who is contracted to maintain graves by certain families. Luckily he had the key to the Peschier cemetery ! A very amiable and knowledgeable person who strongly advised me against visiting Lapeyrouse so early in a morning alone. My second bit of luck was to be found inside the Cemetery Office where a Mr Grey had extracted the Power plot 'Card' from his filing cabinet. He also permitted me the rare privilege of searching the large burial registers kept in a vault in the adjoining room. Many of the early books are in a perilous state of decay, literally fragmenting as the book is lifted out and opened. It was a heartbreaking sight. I was interested in 1888 yet this was impossible to search. The book for 1904 was however in generally good order. There were books that contained an Index of Burials per year and others that contained sequential burial entries for a year.

Mucurapo (Woodbrook) Cemetery, Mucurapo Road, Port of Spain

Although nowhere as large as Lapeyrouse or of such antiquity, the Mucurapo cemetery (located between Woodbrook and St James) is still formidable and should be visited It has a far more 'open' feel than Lapeyrouse as there are very few substantial monuments here. The state of graves is variable as at Lapeyrouse but there are nonetheless a majority in reasonable order. It is safer than Lapeyrouse but the same precautions should nevertheless be taken i.e. better to visit when there are cemetery staff around. The 'Street' arrangement is similar to Lapeyrouse but in addition there are plot numbers engraved at the foot of each grave prefixed with a 'P'. Main and only entrance is on the Mucurapo Road. A good 'aerial' view is from Fort George. The earliest burial found was dated about 1869 and I walked up and down every single Street over a three hour period. Names represented here included BOOS, DE VERTEUIL, AGOSTINI, DE MONTBRUN (Pedro 1880-1967; Mildred 1906-1968), and uncommonly just two of INCE (Rita 1906-1960; Winifred 1906-1991). A number of Bishops appeared to have been buried here including PARRY. There were many Chinese graves as at Lapeyrouse, in particular ALEONG was well represented. I also found some war graves: C A Sanders, Leading Seaman, Trinidad Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, died 29-Apr-1942 aged 54, 'In Memory of our dear father'; Major Charles Tebay M.C., Royal Field Artillery died 19-Sep-1960 aged 80 [sic]. 'Lest we forget'. I did not have time to visit the Western Cemetery in Woodbrook, but suspect this is far more recent.

Peschier Cemetery, Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain

A small private cemetery not open to the public, situated within a round walled enclosure in the middle of the Savannah. I was lucky in that I had previously met the right person at Lapeyrouse on the same day who had the key and took me there. This is a cemetery of great tranquility which has an air of mystery from a distance. V L Oliver recorded inscriptions here in 1914 and my feeling was that most of what he found then was still intact now, but with some more recent additions such as MAINGOT. If nothing else, peer through the iron gate and take a photo. You won't be disappointed.

Past Governors Burial Ground - Botanic Gardens

There is a small burial ground in the middle of the Botanic Gardens reserved for past Governors of Trinidad. This is a place of great historic importance and easily overlooked. The gardens are also very beautiful and worth a visit in their own right.

Registration Office, South Quay, Port of Spain (Tel: 623-7163; 8.30am - 3.15pm)

Contrary to what most people may think, records of births, marriages and deaths are NOT kept at Red House anymore but have been relocated to the Registration Office at South Quay near Courts furniture shop. Do not expect to find any indexes here. The officious gentleman sitting at the desk on entry simply couldn't understand what I was talking about when I asked about search facilities for BMDs ! After a security check you enter a large crowded hall where you must fill out a small colour-coded form in order to apply for a certificate (Birth-white; Marriage-green; Death-red). After payment the certificate is issued on the SAME day in the FOLLOWING week i.e. you can't just search an index first. The search is performed 'behind the scenes'. There must be a postal option because I ordered a number of certificates from England using International Money Orders (very expensive!). However be warned. Mine took 6 months each to receive. Do not expect a 'rapid response' attitude here.

Probate Office, High Court, Knox St, Port of Spain (Tel: 623-2416 Ext 2241/2; 8am-4pm)

Entry to the High Court is permitted only after a security check. Cameras are retained by security staff and are returned on exit. The Probate Office is on the ground floor. The Will Index books are stacked on a shelf in roughly year range sequence, in a small area only suitable for a few people (three at most). There were none earlier than 1903 as far as I could see. Indexes to Wills and Administrations are alphabetical on surname within a given year range but beware that continuation of for eg 'C' may occur under 'W'. This means you MUST search the entire book to be sure you've not missed a continuation of a particular surname. The other type of book is a 'Cause' Book which appeared to give details of all correspondence to do with a grant of probate. These are entered in a numerical sequence for a given year and therefore must be searched from start to finish. Reference to a file is sometimes prefixed with either an 'L' for Large Estate or 'S' for Small Estate eg S123/44 where /44 refers to the year (the reference is called a Proceeding No). For earlier wills, there is just a number with no prefix. In order to view a file you must order it at the counter then return the following day at 2.30pm armed with TT$1.00 worth of stamps. You may designate someone else to do this, preferably a relative. You may order a copy of the Will but note that the Probate Office will NOT post anything to you. It must be picked up. It is always advisable to first check by phone to see whether they have found the file you are looking for BEFORE making a journey. I found reference to my grandfather's Will made in 1920. This had no 'L' or 'S' prefix just the reference 296/20. I took a taxi the following day to the Probate Office only to be told they had not found the file which was probably located off-site. Luckily a cousin of mine agreed to go back to the probate Office after my return to England. They eventually found the file after much searching. My cousin ordered a copy for me and posted it to me in England. As stated above, this is the only way you will get a Will on Trinidad, and judged on what I discovered in my grandfather's file, it is advisable to have all documents copied, not just the will. Each side of a page will cost TT$2.00 to copy.

Chaguaramas Military Museum

This is a must for anyone with an interest in military and naval history. A single-handed effort with no government funding containing a wealth of important historical documents and other information. The displays are not museum standard yet the content is brilliant. It's very humid and stuffy so don't hang around for too long. A modest TT$20 gets you entry. There are open-air displays of various types of military equipment.

'Mystery' Cemetery at Chaguaramas

I name this a 'mystery' cemetery because it suddenly appeared on the way to the Chaguaramas boat harbour. A field of graves marked with crosses (but no names), and a single tomb with inscription whose construction appeared to suggest it had been transported to this site. There was also what looked like the ruins of a church nearby. My relative knew nothing of this cemetery. It had no name and was not enclosed.

General Safety Tips

Trinidad is a lovely country, rich in beautiful architecture, monuments and scenery, reflecting it's long and varied history. It is not 'tourist-friendly' yet I was treated with utmost courtesy. It is however experiencing an increase in crime, including kidnapping, of which two incidents occurred while I was there. It is therefore advisable to be aware of your surrounds. Do not wear jewellery or any other fancy items, and don't carry excess money. If you are white and obviously a tourist, of which there will be few, you will stand out from the crowd. Use taxis (private, route or maxis) for any substantial journey, with a pre-arranged pickup time and place. Trinidad is far less expensive than for example Barbados in this respect, so the small extra expense will be well worth it. I had no problems yet there were streets I walked down that caused me to look over my shoulders, and down which I never walked again. There are a few places like that in England also so it's important to maintain some balance. There is a 'fortress' mentality with most properties protected with wrought iron railings, and with dogs let loose in forecourts outside. They may keep you awake at night with 'competitive' barking, which can be a nuisance.

General Health Tips

I travelled in the rainy season so the climate was very humid, hot, and with frequent but short-lived thunderstorms (take a brolly!). If you are susceptible to insect bites (and even if you think you're not) then beware the Trini mosquitos and sandflies which are hardly visible, and which bit me very badly, and caused severe and painful inflammation. I took two types of insect-repellent (from Boots), and while I applied these religiously and liberally, neither offered any protection at all. If you are tempted to go around in shorts and teeshirts (even inside your guesthouse, apartment or hotel) then my advice is don't. Always wear long trousers and long-sleeved garments (loose-fitting), and don't forget to protect your feet. The quality of drinking water on Trinidad is excellent so don't waste money on bottled water.

A first-time traveller will not be disappointed with Trinidad even though genealogical resources are generally poor. I had no time to visit the National Archives, Library, or the Port of Spain Archives unfortunately but plan to do so next time.

Good hunting and travel safe.

Dr Bernard Ince


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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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Churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship can be great places to find information on births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths. Other records, such as donation lists etc. can also provide some good leads. Unfortunately, most of these records aren't very well archived or organized, and the vast majority haven't been microfilmed. This list is very incomplete, so send us your info. In addition, please share with us any experiences you've had researching in these churches.

The religious denominations for which we have informatation are:

    The Anglican Church
    The Roman Catholic Church
    The Presbyterian Church
    The Church of Scotland


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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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The Anglican Diocese of Trinidad &  Tobago

The Bishop: The Right Reverend Calvin W. Bess
Tel.: (868) - 622-1324 (H)
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 7704
Fax: (868) - 628 - 1319

Bishop's Secretary: Anne Granderson
Diocesan Office, Hayes Court, 21 Maraval Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Postal Address:, 2 Hayes Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 7387 (Office)


Archdeacon & Vicar General: The Venerable Kenneth Forrester
St. Andrew's Rectory, Scarborough, Tobago
Tel/Fax: 639-2485 (Home/Office)

Dean: The Very Reverend Knolly Clarke

Anglican Diocese Parochial Records
The old parish registers and any available indexes are NOT kept at the Diocesan Office at Hayes Court. Any requests for permission to research the parish registers personally or to obtain information from them should be obtained from the parish in which your relative(s) were baptised, married or buried. Contact Bishop's Secretary:Anne Granderson or the parishes direct.

Tel.: (868) - 622 - 7387

19th Century Trinidad Anglican Churches

The Ecclesiastical Ordinance of 1844 made the Anglican Church the Established Church of Trinidad and this resulted in Trinidad being divided into sixteen parishes, while the Island still remained part of the diocese of Barbados. Grenada and Tobago were to constitute the Archdeaconary of Trinidad. Six rectories were constituted from seven of sixteen parishes. This Ordinance also laid down rules for the keeping of Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths.

On June 29, 1872 Trinidad was separated from the diocese of Barbados and the independent Trinidad Anglican Church was established. The Anglican parishes as they were in the 19th Century Note: some have disappeared and are now included within "new" parishes.

Holy Trinity (est. before 1801)
Port-of-Spain, Laventille, Maraval, St. Ann, Tragarete

The first Anglican Church was a modest wooden building on the corner of Prince and Frederick streets. In 1808 a great fire swept through the town burning down the Church. In its current location, the Church, was completed in 1818, but it was another seven years before it was blessed.

Until 1835, the Trinity was the only Anglican Church in Trinidad. Reverend John H. Clapham probably came to Trinidad about the time the British occupied the island in 1797 and was the first rector and until 1823, he was the only Anglican clergyman in the island. In 1824, formerly under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Trinity became part of the new diocese of Barbados.

In 1844, at the time of the Ecclesiastical Ordinance, the parish of the Holy Trinity comprised the town of Port of Spain and suburbs, with the quarters of Laventille, Tragarete, St. Ann's and Maraval.

The Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity (est. 1823)
Dean & Rector: The Very Reverend Dean Dr. Knolly Clarke
The Deanery, 30A Abercrombie Street, Port-of-Spain
Tel.: (868) - 623 - 4887 (H)

The Curate Flats
Tel.: (868) - 623 - 6858 (H) 625 - -4288

Assistant Priests:
Reverend Fr. Ashley Mungal,
Reverend Fr. Jeff Elder
Reverend Lyris Bailey
The Rev'd Marva Kellman - Tel.: (868) - 662 - 7912 (H)
Reverend Fr. Titus Ackbarali, Jnr. - Tel.: (868) - 645 - 2662 (H)

Office Secretary: Mrs. Decima Piercy
Office: Open - 9.30 (Mon to Fri)
Tel.: (868) - 623 - 727
Fax: (868) - 624 - 9827

Verger: Mrs. Diane Bernard (Contact thru Office Secretary)

Holy Trinity Cathedral Church Archives
The first baptismal entry for the Anglican Church in Port-of-Spain was in June 1801 and on Trinity Sunday of 1823 Holy Trinity Cathedral was opened.

In 1844 the island of Trinidad was, by ordinance, divided into sixteen Anglican parishes, of which six were endowed as rectories the others as island curacies.

For information on the old baptismal, marriage and burial records, contact one of the Assistant Priests or the Office Secretary.

Further historical information can be found in:

175 YEARS OF ANGLICANISM - A Commemorative Brochure in celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity which is the Cathedral Church in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago - one of the country's historical monuments.
Other Title: One hundred and seventy years of Anglicanism
Publisher: Port-of-Spain, Holy Trinity Cathedral: 175th Anniversary Committee, 1998.
UWI Call #: BX5640.4 A42 T77 1998 (UWI West Indiana Library)
Heritage: REF WI 283.72983 (National Library)

Short History of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
Author: Power, Reginald

St. Paul (est. 1840)
North Naparima & San Fernando

In 1840 Mr. Gilbert was ordained and appointed Rector in San Fernando. Before that, Anglicans received communion in private homes.

The Rev'd Canon Francis Caesar
St. Paul's Rectory
12 Harris Promenade, San Fernando
Tel.: (868) - 652 - 4813 (H)

St. Andrew (est. 1841)
Couva, Barrancou, Carapichaima, Cascajal

St. Andrew's, Couva
The Rev'd Canon Everest Hall
1 Bonne Aventure Road, Pointe a Pierre
Tel.: (868) - 658 - 5357 (H)
Tel.: (868) - 679-3285(O/Fax)

St. Philip (est. 1844)
Savonetta (Now called Pointe a Pierre)

St. Philip, Phoenix Park
Now Parish of St. Andrew

The Rev'd Canon Everest Hall
1 Bonne Aventure Road, Pointe a Pierre
Tel.: (868) - 658 - 5357 (H)
Tel.: (868) - 679-3285(O/Fax)

St. Luke (est. ca 1844)
South Naparima
Now Parish of St. Clement, Naparima

The Revd. Canon Clive Griffith
St. Clement's Rectory
Manahambre Rd, Ste. Madeleine
Tel.: (868) - 652 - 1642 (H/O/Fax)

St. Matthew (est. ca 1844)
Oropouche - Cedros, Erin, Icacos, Irois
Now Parish of St. Augustine, La Brea

The Rev'd Fr. Carlyle Adams
St. Augustine Rectory, La Brea
Tel.: (868) - 648 - 7478 (H/O)
Tel.: (868) - 648 - 7584(H)
Fax: (868) - 648-7657

St. Michael (est. 1845)
Chaguaramas, Diego Martin, Mucurapo & Islands in the Bocas

The Rev'd Canon Matthew Gray
St. Michael & All Angels
St. Michael's Rectory
La Croix Ave
Diego Martin
Tel.: 637-5183 (O) 637-9332 (H)

St. Mary (est 1846 - the foundation stone was laid in 1842)
Arouca & Tacarigua

The Rev'd Fr. Jemmott Hazlewood
St. Mary's Rectory
Eastern Main Rd, Tacarigua
Tel.: (868) - 640 - 4429
Fax: (868) - 645 - 9547

St. Peter (est. ca 1846)
Pointe a Pierre

The Rev'd Canon Everest Hall
1 Bonne Aventure Road, Pointe a Pierre
Tel.: (868) - 658 - 5357 (H)

St. Stephen (est. ca 1847)
Savanna Grande (now called Princes Town)

The Rev'd Canon Edwin Primus
St. Stephen's Rectory
High Street, Princes Town
Tel.: (868) - 655 - 2480 (H/O/Fax)

St. John (est. ca 1847)
Aricagua, Cimaronero, Santa Cruz, St. Joseph & the parts of Caroni west of the junction of the Tacarigua and Caura rivers

Now the Parish of Holy Saviour
St. John, Petit Bourg
Eastern Main Road
San Juan
Tel.: (868) - 674 - 8476

c/o The Rev'd Canon Steve West
Holy Saviour Rectory
Sellier Street
Tel.: (868) - 662 - 5178 (H/O/Fax)

St. Jude's (est. ca 1848)
Arima, Guanapo with the settlements of Cuare, Turure, La Seiva & the parts of Caroni east of the Church of the Annunciation junction of the Tacarigua and Caura rivers.

St. Jude's Rectory
King Street, Arima
Tel.: (868) - 667 - 3656 (O / Fax)
Name of the priest?

(Note: Olga J. Mavrogordato (1979) in Voices in the Street stated that St. Jude's Church at Arima was consecrated on 21 December, 1885.)

St. Thomas (est. 1848)

 The Rev'd Fr. John Rohim
St. Thomas' Rectory
St. Thomas Village, Chaguanas
Tel.: (868) - 665 - 5142 (O) / 770-3622 (Cell)

1843: St. Thomas cornerstone laid.

St. Bartholomew (est. ca 1848)
Mayaro, Nariva, Toco & the settlement of Manzanilla
Now Parish of St. Faith, Rio Claro

The Rev'd Fr. Winston Mulcare
St. Edward's House
La Roche Trace
Tel.: (868) - 679 - 2418

St. Mark
Moruga & Guayaguayare

 The Rev. Fr. Hilton Bonas
18 Canaan Road, Point Fortin
Tel.: (868) - 648 - 2212

Christ Church

 These parishes had few Anglicans

Other Old Churches - forming part Holy Trinity Parish

Tragarete Church or Chapel of Ease (est. 1846)

 The foundation stone was laid in 1844. It was a Chapel of Ease for Trinity Church and, being in Trinity parish, it was served by ministers from Holy Trinity Church.

It was later to be called All Saints' Church, and became independent in 1868.

All Saints' Church
13 Queen's Park West
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago
Tel.: (868) - 627 - 7004 (O)

The Rt Rev'd Clive O. Abdulah [former Bishop]
Fort William Apartments
Fort George
St. James
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 8757 (H)

St. Matthias (est. 1858)

 The Rev'd Fr. Gilbert Harris
c/o The Cathedral Close
30A Abercromby Street
Port of Spain
Tel.: (868) - 625 - 4288


St. Margaret of Antioch (est. 1860)

 The early inhabitants of Belmont, mainly of African and British descent, arrived shortly after the abolition of slavery in 1812 when Trinidad passed from Spanish to British Rule.

Between 1852 and 1866, there was only one church at which Anglicans living near to Port-of-Spain could worship, this being Holy Trinity Church, later Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The Anglicans who lived in Belmont therefore attended Holy Trinity Church. In 1850, the Rector of the Holy Trinity started a mission at Belmont. He rented a two-roomed house from where he conducted services.

St. Margaret of Antioch
St. Margaret's Rectory

Church Office: 93 Belmont Circular Road
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

Rector: Rev Lystra Barclay
Tel.: (868) - 624 - 1856 (O)
(868) - 625 - 8857
(868) - 621- 0503 (H)

BMD Records

Tobago Register
Title: Register of Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths from 1781 to 1817
Author: TOBAGO. English Protestant Church
Publisher: Port-of-Spain, 1936
Note: Microfilm. London: British Library, [1995].
1 reel (147fr.); 35 mm. (a b). Neg: PB.Mic.38461
Original: British Library Document Type: Microform
Holdings of original: British Library - 9907.r.13. DPB
Microfilm copies available from: British Library Reproductions

Further historical information

Title: The Diocese of Trinidad & Tobago, 1872-1972
Publisher: Anglican Church of Trinidad & Tobago, 1972
UWI Call #: BX5640.4 T8 D588 T8 (UWI Library)
(NOT at Library of Congress)

Title: From Chaplaincy to Diocese: A History of the Anglican Church in Trinidad, 1797-1904
Author: Tappin, Bernard Swainson
Publisher: Thesis (Ph.D.) The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, 1997
UWI Call #: BX5640.4 A45 T7 T37 1997 (UWI Library)


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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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The Roman Catholic Church

Archbishop of Port of Spain
The Most Reverend Edward Joseph Gilbert, C. Ss. R
Archbishop's House
27 Maraval Road
St. Clair, Port-of-Spain
Trinidad & Tobago
Tel.: (868) - 622- 1103
Fax: (868) - 622- 1165

Archbishop Gilbert's secretary: Mrs. Maria Affong
Archdiocesan Website:

This webpage provides info on all the Trinidad & Tobago Catholic churches. For example, click on City for Port-of-Spain, click South for San Fernando and click North East for Arima.

***If you are hoping to research any of the Catholic registers, it is adviseable, in the first instance to write to the parish priest and follow this up with contact with the Church Office Aministrator/Secretary.

Please make a donation to assist the preservation of the Catholic vital records.

The oldest Catholic parishes are:

1688: San Rafael, San Rafael
1690: St. Vincent Ferrer, Moruga
1756/57: Santa Rosa, Arima
1756/58: Assumption, Toco
1756/58: La Divina Pastora, (Cathedral), Port-of-Spain
1781: Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Siparia Conception
1826: St. Francis of Assisi, Erin
1826: St. Peter's, Carenage
1831: St. Peter, Cedros
1832: St. John the Evangelist, Diego Martin
1837: St. Paul, Couva
1840: Sacred Heart, La Brea
1845: Holy Cross, Santa Cruz
1845: Sts. Philip and James, Chaguanas
1846: Our Lady of Lourdes, Maraval
1856: St. Patrick's, Newtown, Port-of-Spain
1861: St. Ann's, Port-of-Spain
1867: Our Lady of the Rosary, Port-of-Spain
1874: Our Lady of Fatima Church, Laventille, Port-of-Spain
1880: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Blanchisseuse
1882: Church of the Sacred Heart, Port-of-Spain
1890: St. Michael, Maracas Valley
1891: St. Charles Borromeo, Tunapuna
1892: St. Francis, Sangre Grande
1892: St. Joseph, Scarborough, Tobago
1892: Sacred Heart, Delaford, Tobago
1898: St. Mary's Our Lady Assumed into Heaven, St. Mary's Village, South Oropouche
1900: St. Mary of the Assumption, Mucurapo, Port-of-Spain
1902: St. Francis of Assisi, Belmont, Port of Spain.

Further information on more recent Catholic parishes can be found in:

    Title: Parish Beat
    Author: Sr. Marie-Thérèse Rétout, O.P.
    Publisher: [Port of Spain, Trinidad : Inprint Caribbean] 1976.

Archbishop House Archives
Chancery, Flood Street
Trinidad & Tobago

The Archives are located in the grounds of Archbishop's House and hold diocesan documents of various kinds. Copies of Catholic News can be consulted.

Baptismal, Marriage and Burial registers
It has been stated that some old registers from various outlying parishes have been deposited for safe keeping in Archbishop House Archives, ie during improvements to presbyteries, etc. However, this remains unconfirmed and little is known about their exact whereabouts within the Archives. Most Catholic vital records, ie the old baptismal, marriage and burial registers, including those of the central Port of Spain churches, are held in the parish church offices. However, some are missing.

Vicar General: Fr. Christian Pereira
(Also Santa Rosa Parish Priest from July 2002)
R.C. Presbytery, Woodford Street, Arima
Tel:. (868) - 667 - 3658
Email address:

Financial Administrator: Fr. Garfield Rochard
Archbishop's House
27 Maraval Rd., POS.
Tel/Fax: (868) - 622 - 2691
Email :

Antilles Episcopal Conference
9A Gray Street
Trinidad & Tobago

General Secretary: Fr. Gerry Farfan, C.S.Sp. (General Secretary)
For Catholic Caribbean Directory 2002
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 2932
Fax: (868) - 622 - 8255

Central Port of Spain Catholic Churches
(Only a small number are listed here below, so if your area of interest is not listed, REMEMBER to check:

City Deanery
1781 Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Cathedral)
31 Independence Square
Trinidad & Tobago
Tel.: (868) - 623 - 5232

Fax: (868) - 625 - 6892

Cathredral Administrator: Fr. Allan Ventour
Tel: (868) - 623 - 4446

Cathedral Archives

9am to 4pm, Tuesday to Friday
Secretary: Mrs. Carol Duprey
Assistant: Miss Cythia Major

For an appointment to visit the archives, telephone to ascertain whether the archives room is available for research.

Historical Note: In the 1860's there was no other church in Port-of-Spain but the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Thus, the Cathedral was the only parish extending as far as Newtown, St. Ann's and even Maraval. In 1863 the Church of the Immaculate Conception was the only church in Port-of-Spain, as it then was, in which marriages were solemnized.

Up to about 1930, Rosary, Sacred Heart, and St. Francis in Belmont were chapels of ease in the Cathedral parish. The priests in charge of these chapels were called vicars, and they lived in the Cathedral presbytery. There was only one parish priest for the entire town.

Microfilming of the Cathedral Baptismal Registers (1784 - 1806: 4 Volumes) was undertaken during 1995 - 1996 by the Microfilming Unit of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Library, St. Augustine. This resulted from the initiative of Adrian Camps-Campins, the Trinidadian artist and designer of historical Christmas cards with support from Dr. Margaret Rouse-Jones, the Campus Librarian, and with the generosity of Robert Boos.

Location of Printed Copies of Cathedral Baptismal Registers (1784 - 1806)
1 copy at UWI Library, St. Augustine
1 copy at the Cathedral Archives.

Location of Microfilms of Cathedral Baptismal Registers (1784 - 1806)
This is unknown.


Churches of the City Deanery

Our Lady of the Rosary (1867)
14 Park Street
Trinidad & Tobago

Fr. Reginald (Rex) De Four, C.S.Sp (Parish Priest from Oct 1999)
He covers St. Martin de Porres, Gonzales as well as Rosary.
At Rosary on Monday & Tuesday 9am - 11.30am & Friday 10.30am - 11.30am.

Tel.: (868) - 623 - 4020
Fax: (868) - 625 - 6352
Email : (Parish Priest)

Parish Administrator: Barbara Rajah
Secretary to Parish Priest: Miss Jenny Limchoy

Rosary Parish Secretary: Miss Margaret Deane
Office: Mon - Fri 9am - 12pm.

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary was erected in 1865 and the foundation stone of "new" church laid on 4 Sept 1892.

Baptisms (in Rosary registers) commence in June 1889, but Rosary, at this time, was still a part of the Parish of the Immaculate Conception, so it is also essential to research at the Cathedral Office. Rosary baptismal registers are held in the Rosary Church Office.

The early burial registers may have gone astray.

Research info on Rosary Church: Rev. Jason Gordon
Tel.: (868) - 627 - 3207


Church of the Sacred Heart (1882)
21 Richmond St.
Trinidad & Tobago

This church was originally built for English speaking Catholics and, at present, is served from the Cathedral. (As above)

Sacred Heart records are now being permanently kept at the Cathedral.


St. Patrick's Catholic Church (1856)
Picton Street
Trinidad & Tobago

The Catholic parish of Newtown began in 1856. Official records of the parish began with a baptism in August 1856, signed by the first parish priest.

Rev. Fr. Hugh Joyeau
Tel.: (868) - 622 - 1703
Fax: Use Cathedral fax

Office: 8am - 12pm Mon - Fri
Mrs. Angela Joseph: Parish Secretary
Email (Parish Secretary):

St. Ann`s R.C. Church (1861)
R.C. Presbytery
St. Ann`s Avenue
St. Ann`s, Port-of-Spain
Trinidad & Tobago

Previous to 1861 St. Ann`s was part of the parish of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. In 1861 the first parish priest was appointed.

Rev. Fr. Godfrey Stoute
Tel.: (868) - 624 - 1426
No Email address (use Cathedral email:

Office: Tues and Thurs only 3.30pm - 5.30pm.

St Francis of Assisi Church (1902)
R.C. Presbytery
146 Belmont Circular Rd.
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel.: (868) - 624 - 7923
Rev. Fr. Michael Hayden, O.P.

Our Lady of Lourdes (1846)
R.C. Presbytery
Saddle Rd.
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel/Fax: (868) - 629 - 2193

Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Kevin de Loughry, O.P. (Parish Priest)
Secretary: Mrs. Annette Daisles

Acting Secretary: Sister Esther Maharaj
Office: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9am - 12pm Closed Wed am
Tues, Wed, Fri 4pm - 5.30pm

Churches of the Suburban Deanery

St. Joseph (1592 - 1593)
R.C. Presbytery
King Street
St. Joseph
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel:. (868) - 662 - 2827
Fax: (868) - 662 - 6478

Rev. Fr. Carlyle Fortune, O.P. (Parish Priest)

St. John the Baptist (1687)
R.C. Presbytery
San Juan
Trinidad & Tobago

Rev. Fr. Henri Brennon, F.M.I. (Parish Priest)
Tel.: (868) - 638 - 2607

Holy Cross (1845)
Cannatro Village
Santa Cruz
Trinidad & Tobago

Rev. Fr. Benedict (Bunty) Hilaire (Parish Priest)
Possibly has email but address is unknown.
Secretary: Mrs Tricia Ottley
Tel.: (868) - 676 - 8740
Office: Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

Churches of the Southern Deanery

Holy Cross, Princes Town (1687)
R.C. Presbytery
Princes Town
Trinidad & Tobago
[Princes Town was formerly known as Savana Grande]

Tel:.(868) - 655 - 2404
Rev. Fr. Martin Sirju (Parish Priest)

Churches of the South Deanery

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (1687)
Harris Promenade
San Fernando
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel.: (868) - 652 - 2883 (Rev. Clyde Harvey: Parish Priest)
Tel.: (868) - 652 - 2269 (Office)
Rev. Seamus Maguire

Office: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9am - 3pm. (Break for lunch)

Churches of the North Eastern Deanery

Santa Rosa (1756/57)
R.C. Presbytery
Woodford Street
Trinidad & Tobago

Fr. Christian Pereira: (Parish Priest & Vicar General)
Tel:. (868) - 667 - 3658
Email address:

The Arima birth, marriage and burial registers, including the outstations, for about 150 years are kept in the presbytery. Some, however, are missing.

Churches of the North-Western Deanery

St. John the Evangelist (1832)
Church Road
Diego Martin
Trinidad & Tobago

Fr. Cuthbert Alexander (Parish Priest)
Tel.: (868) - 637 - 9510

Office: Mon - Fri 9am - 3pm.
Parish Secretary: Mrs. Daphne Brown

Note: Before 1948, Petit Valley was part of the Diego Martin parish (R.C. Presbytery, Green Hills Village, Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago)

Churches of the Central Deanery

Sts. Philip and James (1845)
R.C. Presbytery
Main Road
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel.: (868) - 665 - 4245
Rev. Fr. Kenneth Assing (Parish Priest)

Tobago Special Ecclesiastical District

St. Joseph (1892)
R.C. Presbytery
Bacolet Street

Tel.: (868) - 639 - 2136
Rev. Fr. Thomas Willemsen, C.S.Sp. (Parish Priest)


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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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The Presbyterian Church

The Scotch Church (1851)
High Street
San Fernando

Rev. Everson T. Sieunarine,
PO Box 92, Paradise Hill, San Fernando
Tel.: (868) - 652 - 4829
Fax: (868) - 9 652 - 4829

The origins of the Church are Canadian but it is now locally governed.


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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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The Church of Scotland

Greyfriars Church is the largest of the four congregations which make up the single Charge of the Church of Scotland in Trinidad.

Greyfriars Church
50/52 Frederick Street
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel/ Fax: (868) - 623 - 6684

The congregation of Greyfriars came into being in 1837 and the Church opened in January 1838.

***If you are hoping to research any of the Church of Scotland registers, it is adviseable, in the first instance to write to the Moderator and follow this up with contact with the Parish Secretary.

Please make a donation to assist the preservation of the Church of Scotland vital records.

Greyfriars Church of Scotland is the only church that has taken the intiative of microfilming all their Baptismal, Marriage and Burial registers (1831 onwards).

Church Records and Registers 5 microfilm reels 35mm. The reels are dated variously from 1842 to 1971.

Reel 1 Marriage Register; Births & Baptismal Register; Register of Deaths; Session Minutes

Reel 2 Board of Management Session Minutes

Reel 3 Board of Management Minutes; Special Committee Minute Book; Membership Roll; Sunday School Attendance

Reel 4 Communion Roll; St. John's Christian Endeaour; Youth Service, St. Anne's; Trinidad Presbyterian; Annual Report; Congregational Report; Marriage Certificates; List of Honors; Baptismal Register, 1831 - 1947; Marriage Register; St. Anne's Church History, written by Elder Hugh E. Cameron.

Reel 5 Annual Report 1900 - 1971

For information on possible positive microfilm copies, please request information from:

Parish Secretary: Mrs. Marsha Rock-Guevara

Moderator (Senior Minister): Rev. Harold Sitahal
Minister: Rev. Clifford Rawlins

Greyfriars, 86 Oxford Street
Tel.: (868) - 624 - 3832

Greyfriars Church of Scotland Church Records and Registers
TriniGenWeb has been informed that positive microfilm copies are lodged at the West Indiana Library, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

'Greyfriars of Trinidad', 1837 to 1987 Frederick Street A Historical Sketch of the Congregation of Greyfriars Church of Scotland, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad to mark the 150th Anniversary'. In West Indiana Collection, UWI, St. Augustine.

There are three other Church of Scotland congregations:
(Please send further information)

St. Ann's Church of Scotland (1846)
154 Charlotte Street
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel.: (868) - 627 - 4297
Rev. Clifford Rawlins (Assistant Minister)
Tel./fax is 1- (868) - 623 - 6684

Arouca Church of Scotland
Established in 1842

Sangre Grande Church of Scotland
Established in 1904


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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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Civil Registration Records


    Registrar General
    Registration House
    Huggins Building
    South Quay
    Trinidad & Tobago

    Tel.: (868) 623-7163
    Fax: (868) 625-9803

    Registrar General: Mr. Francis Sandy - Ext.: 3113
    Secretary to Registrar General: Ext.: 3114

    Open: 8.30am - 3.15pm
    Government Website:

    The Registrar General's Department is the divided into three Registries, the Civil Registry, the Companies Registry and the Land Registry. Up to recent years, these three Registries held a large collection of legal records of all kinds, some dating to the late 18th century. Many were in very poor condition and poorly organised. An unknown number of these old records, including newspapers, formerly stored - but unorganised - in the Vaults of Red House have, over the years, been lost. It is not known whether the recent move into Registration House has resulted in further losses.

    The Civil Registry holds the civil records of births, marriages, deaths from 1848. Birth Records only go back to approximately 1838-1840, as previous records burnt in large fire in Port of Spain. The Registrar General will search and provide a certificate for one for TT$25.00 (TT$12.50 for the search and TT$12.50 for the certificate). The Registrar General's Department also has offices in the following areas:

        Registrar General's Department
        Sub-Office Birjah Building
        71 - 79 Independence Avenue
        San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago
        Tel.: (868) 657-9597

        Registrar General's Department Sub-Office
        32E Pro Queen Street
        Arima, Trinidad & Tobago
        Tel.: (868) 667-1700

        Registrar General's Department Sub-Office
        Administration Building
        Jerningham Street
        Scarborough, Tobago.

    The Land Registry of the Registrar General's Department is the government department responsible for the registration of all documents relating to an interest in land. This may involve the registration of deeds, instruments under the Real Property Ordinance, transfers of $2.00 TT per page $1.00 TT per plan $5.00 TT for certificate of correctness.

    The Companies Registry of the Registrar General's Department is the government department responsible for the registration of all incorporated companies and for all business name approvals.


    Office for National Statistics
    Family Records Center
    1 Myddelton Street
    EC1R 1UW

    Telephone: +44 (151) 471-4800
    Web Site:

    Houses the search facilities of the General Register Office's Public Search Room and the Census Reading Rooms of the Public Record Office. The Public Search Room holds indexes to the records of all births, deaths and marriages registered in England and Wales since July 1837; adoptions since 1927; and some births, deaths and marriages of British citizens overseas since 1761 including those of the armed forces. Records for Scotland and Northern Ireland can also be accessed here.

    Northern Ireland
    General Register Office (Northern Ireland)
    Oxford House
    49 - 55 Chichester Street
    Belfast BT1 4HL

    Telephone: 028 9025 2021/2/3/4/5
    International: +44 28 9025 2021/2/3/4/5
    Web Site:

    General Register Office for Scotland
    New Register House
    EH1 3YT

    Telephone: 0131 314 4433
    Web Site:
    Online Index: Scots Origins


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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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    * Australia
    * Canada
    * Ireland
    * Trinidad & Tobago
    * United Kingdom
    * United States

Every government has a location where official records are kept. The condition, organization, and accessibility of those records can vary widely from country to country. Unfortunately, the National Archives of Trinidad & Tobago have a poor reputation on all counts. The records are apparently poorly preserved, badly organized and difficult to access. The Archives have just recently moved to a new location, however, so maybe there will be improvement in the future.

On the other end of the spectrum, the British Government has a fantastic reputation for the preservation of their historical records. Their main archive is the Public Record Office (PRO) in London. If you are fortunate enough to live where access to the PRO is easy, you will find that your research will be far simpler than researchers in the US. For information on the holdings of the PRO, goto this page.

It is important to note that, for the most part, a country's national archives is not where birth, death, or other civil registration records are kept. Instead, you will find documents relating to the daily functioning of the government in general. For example you may find military records, census data, and immigration records.

This section will provide general information about any National Archive which may be of interest to researchers of Trinidad and Tobago genealogy. This includes immigrants' countries of origin, as well as those countries that people eventually emigrated to from Trinidad and Tobago.


    Repository of Primary Sources Index at the Univ. of Idaho provides links to web sites describing holdings of archives worldwide.


    National Archives of Australia
    PO Box 7425
    Canberra Mail Centre ACT 2610

    General inquiries
    Tel: (02) 6212 3600
    Fax: (02) 6212 3699

    Reference inquiries
    Tel: (02) 6212 3900
    Fax: (02) 6212 3999

    Web Site:


    National Archives of Canada
    395 Wellington Street
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0N3

    General information: 613-995-5138
    TTD: 613-947-0391
    Reference Services: 613-992-3884
    Genealogy Reference: 613-996-7458
    FAX: 613-995-6274
    E-mail: see this page
    Web Site:


    National Archives of Ireland
    Bishop Street
    Dublin 8

    Phone:+ 353 (1) 407-2300
    Fax: + 353 (1) 407-2333
    Web Site:


    The National Archives (NA)
    105 Vincent Street
    PO Box 763
    Trinidad & Tobago

    Tel.: (868) 625-2689 (Admin)
    Tel.: (868) 623-2874 (Reception/Research Room)
    Fax: (868) 625-2689

    Archivist: Mrs. Helena Leonce

    The National Archives are open to the public:
    Mon - Thursday: 8.15am - 4pm; Friday: 8.15am - 3.45pm

    The National Archives Collections contain thousands of documents dating from the the 18th century. Most of the records below are original documents; in some cases the format is unknown and further information is required; in addition, there are holdings only on microfilm. TriniGenWeb has no information on the detail of these holdings and would welcome this.


        Blue Books 1876-1944
        Colonial Secretary, Trinidad
        Council Papers
        Hansard Reports
        Laws of Trinidad & Tobago - 19th Century Ordinances
        Records of the Colonial Administration CO 295 & CO 300 - large collection (Microfilm) (Donated by the Public Record Office, Kew)
        East Indian Immigration Records 1845 - 1917:
        - East Indian Indentureds - large collection
        - Ship Registers (Some original documents - majority are on microfilm)
        Chinese Registers - a few
        Estate Registers Indentured Immigrants
        Estate, General and Registers of Returning Immigrants
        Land Assessment Rolls ca 1850 - 1930
        - Carenage
        - Chaguanas
        - Chaguaramas
        - Couva
        - Cunupia
        - Diego Martin
        - Laventille
        - Maraval
        - New Grant
        - Princes Town
        - Savonetta
        - St. Ann
        Letterbooks (These may include items from Immigration Department)
        Ship Records of Arrivals 1945-1950's (Will not include everyone)
        Trinidad Royal Gazette 1838 - 1905
        Trinidad Royal Gazette 1837 - 1962 (Some are supposedly on microfilm, but this has not been confirmed)
        Trinidad and Tobago Gazette 1962 - present


        - The Catholic News 1892 - present
        - Trinidad Chronicle 1907 - 1911
        - The Sunday and Sporting Chronicle 1922-1938
        - Evening News 1935-1987
        - The People 1933 - 1940
        - Port-of-Spain Gazette 1835 - 1956
        - Port-of-Spain Gazette - 1907 (Microfilm)
        - San Fernando Gazette 1850 - 1896 (Original hard copies; also microfilm)
        - Tobago News 1940's - 1992
        - Trinidad Guardian 1917 - present
        - Trinidad Guardian 1917 - 1950 (Microfilm)


        Some records from the Anglican Church dating from 1850's -1960, including Baptisms, Marriages, Confirmations, Minutes. There are also a few records from St. John the Baptist.

        Records of various organisations and notable citizens.


        This includes a few prints on historical buildings and politicians.


        Includes books from 1797 to present eg
        - A Guide to Trinidad A Handbook for the Use of Tourists and Visitors by James Henry Collens
        - Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, London, EC 1888


        There are maps from 1797.


        The 1851 Census is the only Nominal Census still surviving and providing names of inhabitants. The Census Returns of 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, and 190l have not survived. The remaining Census returns for 1911, 1931, 1946, etc only provide statistical data. However, it may be possible to find useful information in the Trinidad Royal Gazette and the Trinidad almanacks, under various titles.


        Information for the period 1853 to 1898 and from 1st November, 1914 onwards may be available in The Trinidad Royal Gazette and in Port-of-Spain newspapers, which sometimes published lists of burgesses of Port-of-Spain. The Port-of-Spain Borough elections were held on 1st November during this period. There were no elections from 1899 to 1913 inclusive.

        All electoral data, apart from the last 20 years, appears to have been lost.


    Port of Spain City Hall Archives (CHA)
    City Hall
    2-4 Knox Street
    Trinidad & Tobago

    City Clerk: Miss Alexander
    Tel.: (868) 623-8159

    Miss Sandra Timothy (Administrative Officer - includes responsibility for archives)
    Tel.: (868) 623-1121 ext. 267


    It is believed there are important Port-of-Spain documents still within the archives of City Hall. Their current condition is unknown and they are not readily available to researchers. Information on the City Hall archive holdings are also unknown to the National Archives.

    Until recent years the City Hall Archive held the following:
    - Minutes of the Cabildo, the Town Council 1813 - present
    - Rate books, ie ratepayer information
    - Records, plans, and maps of the city, dating from early 19th century, though most date from 20th century.


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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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Deeds (Land Records)


    Registrar General's Department
    Red House
    25 - 27 Abercromby Street
    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
    West Indies

    The Land Registry is department responsible for all documents relating to ownership of land. This includes the registration of Deeds (Land Records)v, instruments under the Real Property Ordinance, and transfers of ownership. Information on how to apply for certified copies can be found on the Government of Trinidad and Tobago website. The site says that Trinidad and Tobago postage stamps are required for payment, but they have accepted International Money Orders in the past. You should confirm this with the Red House first.


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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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Wills (Probate Records)


    High Court of Justice
    Probate Section
    Knox Street
    Trinidad & Tobago

    Tel.: 623 - 2416/7 Ext. 2241/2 or 2264

    Contact: Miss Evelyn Ann Petersen (Registrar)

    There are surname indexes to the probate records but some of these are in poor condition. It is hoped that the information contained in these indexes can be computerised.



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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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Holdings of the Public Record Office (PRO)

        * Location, Directions, Times etc.
        * Colonial Office Records
        * Newspapers
        * Back to Government Archives

According to Guy Grannum, author of Tracing Your West Indian Ancestors, Sources in the Public Record Office, the Colonial Office Records housed at the UK Public Record Office (PRO) are "the most important series of records for the study of West Indian genealogy". The only problem is you have to be in London to use them. The PRO does offer a reproduction service, and there are professional researchers available to perform lookups for a fee.

Nevertheless, they can be a rich source of information for genealogists. This section will give a brief outline of the records available, and provide links to the online Catalogue for the PRO. For a much better guide, we highly recommend you get Grannum's book, as well as the other books and leaflets that the PRO publishes regarding genealogy. You can purchase the book, along with many other PRO publications, at their online Bookshop.

Colonial Office Records

First, a word about the organization of the records. The Colonial Office Records are classifed under letter code CO, and are broken down into record classes. Not all classes are available for each colony. The type of documents available for Trinidad and Tobago are:

Original Correspondence
     Correspondence from any government body to the Colonial Office. Contains petitions, tax lists, inhabitants lists, civil service applications and pension papers, land grants, newspapers, lists of prisoners, and records of local courts.
Entry Books
    Correspondence from the Colonial Office to any government body. Contains instructions, petitions, letters, reports, commissions, and land patents.
    Copies of local acts and ordinances.
Sessional Papers
    Proceedings of executive and legislative councils.
Government Gazettes
    Official newpapers produced in the colony.
    Contain Blue Books of Statistics, and sometimes also contain customs returns and local newpapers.

Each of these classes are further broken down into sub-classes that refer to specific time periods or records. For example, reference code CO285/2 is for the Original Correspondence for Tobago, Secretary of State's Office, 1700 -1808. A list of the records available for both Trinidad and Tobago are provided below. Clicking on the link will get a futher breakdown of each class, from where you can get details of each sub-class. Note that after the Union of the two colonies, records can be found under Trinidad.

Record Class
Record Description
# of Records
CO 285

Colonial Office and Predecessors: Tobago Original Correspondence
CO 286

Colonial Office and Predecessors: Tobago Entry Books
CO 287

Colonial Office and Predecessors: Tobago Acts
CO 288

Colonial Office and Predecessor: Tobago Sessional Papers
CO 289

Colonial Office: Tobago Government Gazettes
CO 290

Colonial Office and Predecessors: Tobago Miscellanea
CO 295

Colonial Office and Predecessors: Trinidad Original Correspondence
CO 296

Colonial Office and Predecessors: Trinidad Entry Books
CO 297

War and Colonial Department and Colonial Office: Trinidad: Acts
CO 298

War and Colonial Department and Colonial Office: Trinidad and Tobago: Sessional Papers
CO 299

War and Colonial Department and Successors: Trinidad and Tobago: Government Gazettes
CO 300

War and Colonial Department and Colonial Office: Trinidad Miscellanea


The Trinidad (Royal) Gazette - "A Genealogical Goldmine"

The Trinidad Royal Gazette may sometimes provide important genealogical information not always found in newspapers. There are differences in the amount of information provided by the Trinidad Royal Gazette during different time periods. Unfortunately, for much of the 19th Century, the Gazettes have no contents page and are not indexed in any way. Be prepared to spend hours looking through the Gazettes, for example, of 1860.

The good news is that it is possible, at various times, to find the names of individuals in the following:

    * List of Unclaimed Packet and Ship Letters in the General Post Office, Port of Spain and San Fernando Post Office. There is also a section on Inland Post.
    * Lists of Teachers and members of Fire Brigade.
    * Application for Liquor, Blacksmith Licences, etc.
    * Notice to Defaulters in Respect of the Taxes in Lands and Buildings and Arrears of Quit Rent. These also provide details of the locality of the property and details of acreage, etc.
    * Purchase of Crown Land by Immigrants and others.
    * Indian Immigrants : Cancelled Contracts.
    * Cases tried at various Magistrates Courts: These also give details of the offence committed and the sentence passed, etc.
    * Absconded Immigrants.
    * Trinidad Supreme Civil Court: Grants of Letters of Administration and Probate.
    * Jury Lists.
    * Burgess Lists

The Trinidad Royal Gazette / The Trinidad Gazette is held under reference CO 299 (Colonial/Commonwealth Office)- 1833 to 1975 (193 volumes). There is a complete run with the exception of 1918.

For a detailed list of the record numbers for each year, go HERE.

Local Newspapers

As part of the CO 300 series, the PRO has a limited collection of newpapers from Trinidad & Tobago, some of which are not available anywhere else. Their holdings, as extracted from their online catalogue, include:

Record Class
CO 300/1

The Trinidad Guardian.
CO 300/2

The Trinidad Guardian.
CO 300/3

The Trinidad Guardian.
CO 300/3

Port of Spain Gazette.
CO 300/4

Port of Spain Gazette.
CO 300/5

Port of Spain Gazette.
CO 300/6

Port of Spain Gazette.
CO 300/7

Port of Spain Gazette.
CO 300/8

Port of Spain Gazette.
CO 300/9

Port of Spain Gazette.
CO 300/10

The Trinidad Standard and West India Journal.
CO 300/11

The Trinidad Standard and West India Journal.
CO 300/12

The Trinidad Spectator.
CO 300/13

The Trinidad Spectator.
CO 300/13

The Trinidadian.
CO 300/14

The Trinidadian.
CO 300/15

The Trinidadian.
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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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Thank you for this thread TT. Thank you. :thumbsup:
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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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The earliest burial found was dated about 1869 and I walked up and down every single Street over a three hour period. Names represented here included BOOS, DE VERTEUIL, AGOSTINI, DE MONTBRUN (Pedro 1880-1967; Mildred 1906-1968), and uncommonly just two of INCE (Rita 1906-1960; Winifred 1906-1991).

Wow. What a marvelous job you've done here on this thread, which will be worth coming back to time and again.

Just in case you're not aware (though you probably are), two books which contain a lot of Agostini family history, and Trinidad history too:

Anthony de De Verteuil, The Corsicans in Trinidad

David Agostini, The Ancestors

Both contain numerous Trinidad families either directly or indirectly related. David's book in particular is rich with nostalgic Trinidad history.

Ray, in TT they always used the word "French Creole" to indentify the people of French decent who dominated or controlled a substantial amount of businesses in TT. But a lot of these French people had Italian names. Then I studied a bit of the history of France. They took Corsica from Italy, and they have a dual French-Italian culture. Napoleon Bonaparte was born there. Any relation. Just kidding.

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Re: History and Genealogy..Family Search
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Very interesting read. So is Salvatori(former Bldg on  independence Sq) Italian Italian or French Italian. There is also Frank Barsotti, econimist in th late 60s. There is also the Sanguinettis. The Catelli pasta company, were the Trinis of Italian descent?