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Author Topic: Flight attendant his swinger wife and her lover used Craigslist to find a dog...  (Read 1047 times)

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...For Sex...

 :puking:  :puking:

From The Daily Mail with video of their court hearing.


•Shane Walker and wife Sarah allegedly advertised for a dog for her to have sex with

•Couple were stung by police when they drove to a farm with Sarah's lover Robert Aucker

•The men were planning to watch as Sarah had sex with the Golden Shepherd cross-breed, police say

•Dog's owner was invited to join in but turned them in

By Paul Thompson

Last updated at 12:17 AM on 1st March 2012

Comments (143) Share ..A husband, his wife and her lover have been charged with conspiracy to commit bestiality after using Craigslist to find a dog for the wife to have sex with.

Shane Walker and his wife Sarah Dae, who describe themselves as swingers in an open marriage, were arrested after an undercover sting operation.

The couple, and her lover Robert Aucker, were held after they drove out to a pre-arranged location to engage in the unnatural sex.
The two men were to watch while Sarah Dae had sex with the dog.

The trio had been hoping to meet the owner of a Golden Shepherd having spent three weeks corresponding with her over the use of the dog.

But when they arrived at the location in Phoenix, Arizona,they were arrested by detectives.

The owner of the dog had tipped off police about the trio's plans and an undercover officer took her place during the meeting.

Before their arrest the three offered the 'dog owner' the opportunity to take part.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said:'People who do this for enjoyment are a different breed, that's for certain.'

Arpaio, who is known as the toughest sheriff in America over his stand against illegal immigration, said the Walkers had described themselves as 'swingers'.
According to the arrest report Aucker,30, said he had been involved with Sarah for a month and she had expressed her desire to have sex with a dog.

Walker, 38, a flight attendant and his 34 year old wife, a freelance photographer, were charged with conspiracy to commit bestiality.

Last year Sheriff Arpaio wrote to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster after the arrest of two people for using the website to solicit dogs for sex.

Arpaio asked for closer monitoring of the site, but said after the latest arrest: 'I remain extremely disappointed in the leadership at Craigslist.com for refusing to do what they can to stop this.

'While they aren't doing anything to stop it, I will continue to enforce all animal cruelty laws.'
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A dog's life...

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....and while she was busy ridin snoopy..what de two ah dem did plan to do?
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....and while she was busy ridin snoopy..what de two ah dem did plan to do?
good question........snoopy woulda knot up in she cyat.
soon ah go b ah lean mean bulling machine.


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