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Author Topic: The best & worst T&T 2012 Olympic players.  (Read 5446 times)

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Re: The best & worst T&T 2012 Olympic players.
« Reply #30 on: March 28, 2012, 06:05:07 PM »
From the showing (playing wise) thus far, should we really go to the Olympics or deserved to go?

If we manage to beat both Honduras and Canada... I think we will have deserved to go.
Angus will need some serious help though... or dare I say it, need to be replaced.

Thus far... we have not shown we deserve to go.

That is why the games are played. Beat Honduras and Canada and it's deserved. Don't beat them and it's not.

ENT thought dat was obvious. But I guess even if dathappen we eh deserve 2 go because we eh go bring back d gold medal.

Weary My dear , The Olimpics is about participation. It is not always about winning(gulp,  :laugh:)

Thanks 4 d enlightenment
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Re: The best & worst T&T 2012 Olympic players.
« Reply #31 on: March 28, 2012, 06:47:59 PM »
Sam, go easy on dem dread. Yuh done know we National Men's Seniour Team cyah beat none of dem in dat U-23 Group.
National Team will get run over by them Mexican boys
What mexican team?  geh meh some ah dat weh yuh smoking nah. breds, the last time our national team went up in azteca they give mexico ah run fuh their money, with ah rookie coach latapy and a half arse defense/ shitty players.


carlos                        abu bakar                          andrews                   hislop


tinto                             noel                          yorke                        keon daniel


that's ah real goat team, well @ least we didn't go there with any good defenders, and we almost got a result against mexico in AZTECCA, and we competed well.

doh let no body fool yuh son, if we get ah good coach and some time with our senior team, we could beat any team in the region. the trouble with these kids who played in this tournament is that they ply their trade in the pro league, and that league is ah poor league, but most of our senior ballers plays, or have played in extremely competitive leagues, and these mexican boys would not stand a chance.

mexico did that already and we buss they arse. like with that team they sent to play us in 2005 last game of the hex, when we beat them 2-1.

we have ah good senior team, it's just that we had ah sh!t coach in Pfister. but if we get ah real solid coach, we will run over teams easily, if we're well prepared that iz.


carlos                                     julius                      primus/cyrus                           JLLoyd

peltier                                   hector                        hyland                          colin samuels/ molino

                                             jones/ glenn                  roberts

all we need is ah boss coach and good prep, and we will do well, if we don't have that, then we will keep on losing to the guyanas and grenadas.    for the senior team coaching iz the difference.

these young boys need tuh go away and learn how to play football properly, and on ah higher level.
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