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Author Topic: Park-and-ride from Savannah coming in July  (Read 634 times)

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Park-and-ride from Savannah coming in July
« on: March 29, 2012, 08:09:31 AM »
Now the Mayor trying eh, but the reality is that 1) The savannah and Stadium go further get dilapidated and more of an eyesore with this.

2) What provision will be put in place in terms of security/toilets/proper waiting areas/sheds etc. at both locations. Also where is the park and ride station/stop in town?  Is it centrally located or can you just hail down the shuttle and hop on once you have a ticket from anywhere.

3) When he paves more grass in the savannah and the runoff occurs when rain fall whappening when it flood. The whole area from NAPA to cipriani blvd is a pool since Carlos John pave the first stretch and that water does gush straight down into town.

4) The culture that is TT...how a man who shopping in town with bags of groceries and heavy parcels go look to travel to his car. No way that happeneing...is either they will travel to town or park in town not a combination of both. Especially when rain and sun beating.

5) This will not work unless parking is totally banned in the capital. This ent go happen cause DOMA go kick brass. The private car parks will now have a field day and jack up hourly parking even more.

6) I feel this will be the death of POS....I dont have to go there anymore...the malls go get my $$$.
No vagrant bothering yuh, no pee and shit to skip over, I walking about in AC and I not likely to roll meh ankle on a piece of bad pavement...or get wreck or get a ticket.

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Park-and-ride from Savannah coming in July
Thursday, March 29, 2012
Michelle A Eng Leang
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Port-of-Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing

Sugar land. Cattle pasture. A stage for cultural events, especially Carnival. Sports grounds. The world’s largest traffic roundabout. Mayor of Port-of-Spain Louis Lee Sing wants to add “parking lot” to that list as he plans to use a portion of the Queen’s Park Savannah to ease the traffic congestion in the city.


In a telephone interview, Lee Sing confirmed the Carlos John Boulevard, the paved area within the Savannah, will be used to facilitate a park-and-ride system for people going into the city. He admitted a formal tally has not been decided but anticipated the Savannah car park would house 200 vehicles at a time. Shuttles would transport users to and from the heart of the city, he added.


Lee Sing said the service would cater not only to those looking to visit offices but also shoppers. The details, he said, were being worked out by the Ministry of Works, which was partnering with the City of Port-of-Spain on a massive drive to improve vehicle flow on the streets.


Lee Sing said he had seen preliminary drafts of the shuttle routes from the car park and they would stop at every other block, so commuters could make their way on foot east or west. A ticket was likely to cost between $5 and $10 and that would include parking as well as a return ride, he added.


Lee Sing was unable to confirm whether the cost to park was per hour or total period of stay. He said July 11 was the start date and there would be “minimal changes” to the Savannah. He said the Hasely Crawford Stadium would be the other site for the  park-and-ride plan.


When asked about the reaction of conservation groups to the plans for the Savannah, Lee Sing said it was time to “move from the ole talk to action.” Contacted for comment, a senior official of Citizens for Conversation said she was unaware of the park-and-ride plan but had full confidence Lee Sing would share all relevant information with the group in a timely manner, since that was a routine to which he had adhered since he was appointed.

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