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Serrette on Jamaica performance
« on: May 08, 2012, 05:07:15 PM »

Serrette on Jamaica performances: Great things to come
Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Clayton Clarke

NAAA president Ephraime Serrette is happy with the performances of T&T’s athletes at the Jamaica International Invitational meet on Saturday night. World Championships bronze medallist Kelly-Ann Baptiste led the way with an amazing 10.86 seconds  taking second place in the women’s 100m. Cleopatra Borel (18.69 women’s shot put), Jehue Gordon (48.98 men’s 400m hurdles), Renny Quow (45.48 men’s 400m) and Ayanna Alexander (13.69 women’s triple jump) also finished second in their events. “The athletes who participated all gave a good account of themselves. With these kind of performances, we can only look forward to greater things later in the season leading up to the Olympics,” Serrette commented.
Serrette also praised the relay teams who competed at the Penn Relays in Pennsylvania, USA one week earlier,
“Based on the athletes available for the meet, I was happy with the performances of the teams, especially the men 4x400 team which comprised two junior athletes and producing a 3:04 (to finish sixth). That was good. With the likes of Deon Lendore, Renny Quow, Ade Alleyne Forte and Zwede Hewitt we should have a good team.” The president added that Semoy Hackett and Kai Selvon were able to compete for their universities as well as the national women’s 4x100m, which finished fourth in 44.07, after the NAAA spoke with their coaches.
“We had discussions with both coaches indicating the importance for the female team to re-establish times to get into the top 16.” Serrette added both Baptiste and Quow indicated unavailability for the meet very early. The former national sprinter said that the NAAA has plans for the teams to compete in other relay meets. “The Penn Relays was the first of many relays which we have scheduled for our teams. We are now preparing for teams to compete at meets in Venezuela, St Kitts, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe and Bahamas,” he said.

It is interesting to hear that many are predicting TRI to have a "good showing" at the Olympics this year. I dont know what will be considered as a "good showing". If we look at past performances, T&T has never won more than 3 medals in Track and Field at an Olympics. So I guess winning about 4-5 medals will be considered as a "good enough showing".

Do you think we can win 4-5 medals in London this year? For some like JAM there are some events that medals are guaranteed, such as : 100m men &women , 200m men & women, 400m women, 100mh women, 400mh women, 4x100 men &women, 4x400 men & women.

If all go well for JAM they will leave with around 9-14 medals. I think 5-7 medals is not out of reach for TRI. But I think there are only around 3 (maybe 4) medals that are almost guaranteed .. 100m women, 4x100 men & women.

I think the 4x400 team also has a reasonable chance of getting a medal. Quow looks as if he is getting into form, and I think Lendore will run an A qualifier or low 45 by the time the Olympics starts. Hewitt, Gordon, Solomon are also on their way to getting that A qualifier. So if all goes well, a medal in the 4x400 can be attainable.

Hard to give a concise answer, but I predict 3-5 medals for T&T in London. 3 are what we can call guaranteed, with the other 2 being reachable. 


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