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Author Topic: Equal Pay In Football Thread.  (Read 493 times)

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Equal Pay In Football Thread.
« on: September 03, 2020, 07:38:43 AM »
Brazil bring in equal pay policy for men and women’s national teams
By Samindra Kuunti (Insideworldfootball).

Brazil has introduced an equal pay policy with the women’s national team to receive the same daily stipend as their male counterparts, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has announced.

The players will be granted the same daily stipends and prize money will also be leveled out though commensurate with FIFA’s varying prize money at the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

CBF president Rogerio Caboclo announced the news as national team coach Pia Sundhage called up a home-based squad for training in September. The CBF boss said that the new practice had already been put in place in March.

“Since March of this year, CBF has made an equal value in terms of prizes and daily rates between men’s and women’s football,” said Caboclo.  “That is, the players earn the same thing as the players during the calls. What they receive by daily call, women also receive.”

He added: ”There is no more gender difference, as the CBF is treating men and women equally. What they will gain by conquering or by staging the Olympics next year will be the same as the men will have.”

Brazil’s women team have however not played a game since March when the global game went into shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. With equal pay, Brazil follows in the footsteps of Australia, Norway and New Zealand, who previously decided to pay their men and women internationals the same amount.

The CBF also appointed Aline Pellegrino as coordinator of women’s competitions and Duda Luizelli as coordinator of the women’s national teams.

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