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Author Topic: Local coaches vex that "foreigners" get to coach de senior mens national team  (Read 5446 times)

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 This should never be an Us and Them if we are all in it for the benefit of TnT.  However it begs the question as to how could the TTFA assist and build capacity of our local coaches?  Could they establish funding to send the local coaches to clinics or bring in expertise and hols regular clinics for our  local based coaches? Maybe pursue internship opportunities for  them to work/ study/ mentor ship abroad for a season with different professional leagues- maybe in partnership with the proleague, this could be looked into. Inadvertently this would benefit the league, the players and our entire football programs.

It seems to me that one Anton Corneal has had the opportunity to work on many occasions with foreign based coaches and correct me if I am wrong has necessary  coaching qualification  yet for some reason has not taken on the reigns  in a concerted and sustainable manner to coach at the national level? What impact does his work as a technical  director have on our teams?

I believe that Huston Charles have the potential and the opportunity to learn lots from  working with Stephen Hart; I also see  Trinidad born coaches- B.Haynes ( Atlanta); Denis Lawrence who are plying their trade overseas as future potential in working with locally based coaches.
My two cents
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First of all,

how ppl born and grow up in TT could be considered foreign.

Then we don't want Chiannas, Lawrence, Brian Haynes, Skinner and others to come home.
These men are working with superior facilities and have access to a higher level of technical training. WHY would anybody begrudge them coming home once they have the proper qualifications.

We have seminars for our local coaches and some go abroad for further licenses.

The only Coach I ever knew who got to spend some time with a team and to see how things are done was Bertille with Man U back around 1999 when we gearing for the GC and WC. In fact I think it was paranoia in the TTFF (Jack) tail that make them send him to Manchester to spend time with Ferguson.



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