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Author Topic: UTT student Pierre relishes Olympic dream  (Read 930 times)

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UTT student Pierre relishes Olympic dream
« on: August 24, 2013, 03:55:02 AM »
UTT student Pierre relishes Olympic dream
T&T Guardian Reports
Published: Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sherdon Pierre, a student at the University of T&T (UTT) challenging the International Masters programme in Sports For Development, was offered the opportunity of a lifetime and grasped it with open arms when he participated in the “Olympus For Humanity”, a 10-day programme held in Olympia, Greece. Between June and July, Pierre, who was given the opportunity by his former UTT lecturer Jay Mafukidze (also a facilitator at the event), inherited an array of principles, skills and competencies, all of which he says he will use as he relays his knowledge of local and global challenges, and potential solutions.

Pierre roomed at the International Olympic Academy, a multi-use multicultural sporting centre situated obliquely opposite to the ancient Olympia Stadium, a structure he described as an “athletes’ paradise”. “Words were difficult to explain the emotions felt as I stepped on the ground of the birthplace of the Olympic Games.” It was a fitting opportunity given his chosen career path. “Being a Masters student in this field, it is customary to envision countless methods of transferring the knowledge gained to bettering society,” said Pierre. “Life at the academy was exceptional, waking up to classical music every morning, attending interactive sessions, socialising with amazing Olympians and representatives from Asia, Europe, the Americas, having sumptuous meals and participating in throwball and fistball—sports that are attempting to reach Olympic status.”

He added, “I was astonished to see the attempts made to keep their (Greek) culture alive, whether through archival materials or stories. In the ancient Olympics, all cheaters, 16 in 1200 years, had to erect a statue of Zeus made of bronze and inscribe their family’s name and village. Each of these statues were placed along the passageway that led to the stadium.” “It’s a struggle to keep the true ideology behind the Olympic Games hence the conference!” Pierre says he was taught to incorporate positive principles and values in programmes using a practical and theoretical approach. Sport For Development (SFD) experts presented projects done throughout the world. “It was essential to network with other representatives to get feedback on plans done in their country.”

At the conclusion of the conference, each participant was required to design a project specific to their respective country utilizing the knowledge learnt. Pierre said designed a school tour to teach positive principle and values and use athletes to assist. “This is because in T&T, we don't have a well structured and continuous school tour. Most are temporary only when winning a major sporting event.” Pierre said he was almost unable to make the trip due to the associated expenses, but with support from his family and friends and assurances made by the Ministry of Sport, he got over the financial hurdle. However, that no further contact by the Ministry of Sport was forthcoming according to Pierre who returned over a seven weeks ago. He advised those who may be interested in helping to cover the defray the expenses, assisting in fundraisers or to get further information on his trip or project ideas may contact him at sherdonpierre@hotmail.com.
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