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Author Topic: Jamaican Champs: Zharnel Hughes Breaks Yohan Blake’s “Champs” 100m Record  (Read 5593 times)

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The Mills article is 2 years old. Last Champs 2013 had 27records set. We then went on to "win" our first Global, ie the W-Youth in Ukraine and set 1 WY record and a few Championship medals. Does this imply the elite athletes peaked for Champs?

Regarding what Asafa does that trump watching the race with your own 2 eyes and seeing the obvious?

so willi are you saying those athletes were not training the run their best at champs in that 100m?

Dont study me. Look at the past as an example. You only have a few months to way and see. WJs is coming in a few months.


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