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Border Rico
« on: May 28, 2014, 08:51:44 PM »
You know at times when you are in the fish bowl it is hard to  understand what it is like out of water. Tonight  I was watching  the show Border Rico - I swore it was based in Trinidad nTobago. - Drugs- gangs youths with AkS and the constant battle of the authorities to keep ahead of the narcotic trade.

Now imagine the amount of  hassle the mighty USA is getting  to keep on top of this with get it with a fleet of boats  land and air patrols patrolling the 360 miles of  border-  I mean the training and the sophisticated equipment is impressive yet they seem to be under great duress in their attempt to  infiltrate the gangs.

Is it no wonder when our forces are trying to do this on their own that our police is outmanned. What I saw in this documentary- TV show is  special combined forces collaborating to take on the criminal elements.

Now it would appear that our national minister instead of teaming up with  TV  crime buster and trying to be batman/ or Superman take a page from the Puerto Rico forces and learn from them- why not take the sports minister along; nice change of pace from Columbia!!!!! He must know Spanish by now

In all seriousness- this Caribbean Border which is manned by the USA  could be a model  of how we could take on this battle of gangs and drugs in TNT.