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Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
« on: July 04, 2014, 09:18:10 PM »
Windies seeking redemption, 1st T20  Windsor Park , Dominica
Story Created: Jul 4, 2014 at 9:44 PM ECT
Captain Darren Sammy is determined to ensure West Indies take something away from their series against New Zealand, by winning the Twenty20 double-header starting at Windsor Park today.
West Indies went under 2-1 in the Test series after losing the decisive third Test by 53 runs last Monday and Sammy said it was now up to the T20 squad to restore a sense of pride, and give Caribbean fans a reason to celebrate.
"For us, it is to go out there and play with that confidence which we have been playing with in that format, and look to salvage some pride by winning the two Twenty20s here in Dominica," said Sammy.

The Windies will have to do without Chris Gayle, but welcomes back Kieron Pollard who will be joined by Dwayne Smith and Lendl Simmons-- both of whom scored heavily in the Indian Premier League-- and spinners Sunil Narine and Samuel Badree.

Sammy said any of his squad could be match winners on any given day. "With Gayle out, Simmons will most likely open the innings with probably (Andre) Fletcher at number three because we have three of them who can bat anywhere from one to five, so we will come up with the right balance and the right combination," Sammy explained.

"I see in the team we have 11 potential match winners so that’s good for us. Looking at the 11, we have two of the top five bowlers (Badree and Narine) in T20s in the dressing room, we have one of the most sought after T20 cricketers in the world in Kieron Pollard and he’s coming back after missing the World Cup and it will be good to have him in the team.

"Chris Gayle in any T20 team is a big asset but [his absence] will give other players the opportunity to come out and play and even looking at the team without Chris it still looks very balanced and power-packed team," he pointed out. "Once we go out there with the calibre and experience we have in T20s, in the dressing room, I have a good feeling we will come out victorious."


WEST INDIES: Darren Sammy (captain), Samuel Badree, Christopher Barnwell, Darren Bravo, Sheldon Cottrell, Andre Fletcher, Sunil Narine, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin, Andre Russell, Krishmar Santokie, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith.

NEW ZEALAND: Brendon McCullum (captain), Tom Latham, Peter Fulton, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Jimmy Neesham, B.J. Watling, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Mark Craig, Trent Boult, Corey Anderson, Hamish Rutherford, Luke Ronchi, Neil Wagner.


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Re: Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
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West Indies v New Zealand, 1st T20, Roseau
Ish Sodhi debuts, NZ bowls in first T20I
The Report by George Binoy
July 5, 2014

Ish Sodhi is congratulated after picking up Nasir Hossain's wicket, Bangladesh v New Zealand, 1st Test, Chittagong, 3rd day, October 11, 2013

Brendon McCullum decided to chase in the first of two Twenty20 internationals in Roseau, the last leg of New Zealand's tour of the Caribbean. There had been rain in Roseau in the lead-up to the fixture and more showers were forecast on Saturday.

New Zealand had already confirmed a debut for legspinner Ish Sodhi, and that allrouder Jimmy Neesham would open. They picked a long batting order, with depth until No. 8 as well as two bowlers who are capable batsmen. Peter Fulton, Hamish Rutherford, Mark Craig and Neil Wagner were the players to miss out.

Darren Sammy returned for the format in which he still leads West Indies, and so did Sunil Narine, who missed the Tests because he chose to play in the IPL final rather than attend a training camp for the series against New Zealand. Kieron Pollard also made a comeback from injury for West Indies; he last appeared for them in July 2013.

West Indies: 1 Lendl Simmons, 2 Dwayne Smith, 3 Darren Bravo, 4 Andre Fletcher, 5 Kieron Pollard, 6 Denesh Ramdin (wk), 7 Darren Sammy, 8 Andre Russell, 9 Samuel Badree, 10 Sunil Narine, 11 Krishmar Santokie

New Zealand: 1 Jimmy Neesham, 2 Kane Williamson, 3 Brendon McCullum (capt), 4 Ross Taylor, 5 Tom Latham, 6 Corey Anderson, 7 Luke Ronchi (wk), 8 BJ Watling, 9 Ish Sodhi, 10 Tim Southee, 11 Trent Boult

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Re: Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
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They missing their IPL jersey
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Re: Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
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Game live....http://www.cricmelive.com/sky-sports-2-live-streaming.php

2.00pm Wait... no. What's happening here? Dwayne Smith and Lendl Simmons are out to open for West Indies. And Tim Southee has the new ball.

1.55pm We are five minutes from the start of play.... NOT. Here's a tweet from New Zealand Cricket: "Just as a good crowd was building the heavens opened and the covers are on. Will keep you updated."

1.35pm New Zealand have won the toss and they have chosen to bowl. We have team news as well.

New Zealand (in alphabetical order, more or less): Brendon McCullum (c), Corey Anderson, Trent Boult, Tom Latham, Jimmy Neesham, Luke Ronchi (wk), Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, BJ Watling, Kane Williamson. Of that lot, Ish Sodhi is on debut.

West Indies: Darren Sammy (c), Samuel Badree, Darren Bravo, Andre Fletcher, Sunil Narine, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Andre Russell, Krishmar Santokie, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith.

Both teams are full of wicketkeepers. McCullum, Ronchi, Watling, Fletcher, Ramdin and even Simmons, I think. Hashir adds that I'd forgotten Tom Latham. Indeed I had. And then, five minutes later, Anon06 chimes in with this comment: "Darren Bravo is a very occasional keeper as well. He has filled in part time for WI in the past."

End of over 1 (7 runs) West Indies 7/0 (RR: 7.00)

DR Smith6 (4b 1x4)
LMP Simmons1 (2b)

Boult to Simmons, OUT, big appeal, and it's given! He was coming forward to that, but the ball swung in late and he ended up pad-batting it towards mid-off. It was hitting him in line with middle, fairly low down on the front pad
LMP Simmons lbw b Boult 1 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

End of over 2 (1 run) West Indies 8/1 (RR: 4.00)

DR Smith7 (9b 1x4)
TA Boult1-0-1-1
TG Southee1-0-7-0

Southee to Smith, OUT, got him! Watling takes a comfortable chest-high catch on the deep midwicket boundary after Smith pulled this short ball uppishly and straight at the fielder. He had to fetch it from a fair distance outside off stump
DR Smith c Watling b Southee 8 (11m 13b 1x4 0x6) SR: 61.53

End of over 4 (8 runs) West Indies 18/2 (RR: 4.50)

DM Bravo7 (2b 1x6)
ADS Fletcher2 (6b)

TA Boult2-0-9-1
TG Southee2-0-9-1

3.40pm The match will resume at 3.50pm (10 minutes from now). It has been reduced to 18 overs a side.

The Roseau ground staff were called into action following a rain delay, West Indies v New Zealand, 1st T20I, Roseau, July 5, 2014

3.50pm Here we go, then. It's Boult to continue

End of over 6 (10 runs) West Indies 32/2 (RR: 5.33)

ADS Fletcher9 (11b 1x6)
DM Bravo12 (9b 1x6)

TA Boult3-0-19-1
JDS Neesham1-0-3-0

Anderson to Bravo, OUT, the short ball has done the trick for New Zealand. Bravo has looked distinctly uncomfortable against it, and this was properly banged in. He tried to pull, and was in no position to do so, since it was shoulder-high, and he sent this top-edge steepling behind the wicket, where Ronchi doesn't have to move too much to take the catch
DM Bravo c †Ronchi b Anderson 30 (44m 28b 0x4 2x6) SR: 107.14

End of over 14 (6 runs) West Indies 104/3 (RR: 7.42)

ADS Fletcher52 (38b 1x4 4x6)
KA Pollard2 (3b)

JDS Neesham3-0-14-0
CJ Anderson3-0-27-1

Andre Fletcher targets the leg side, West Indies v New Zealand, 1st T20I, Roseau, July 5, 2014

Sodhi to Fletcher, OUT, got him! It's flat and quick, on off stump, and it spins sharply away and takes his outside edge as he rocks back and tries to club it over the leg side. Ball loops up to short third man, who has the simplest of catches to take
ADS Fletcher c Boult b Sodhi 52 (55m 39b 1x4 4x6) SR: 133.33

End of over 15 (11 runs) West Indies 115/4 (RR: 7.66)

DJG Sammy10 (3b 1x4 1x6)
KA Pollard3 (5b)

IS Sodhi3-0-35-1
JDS Neesham3-0-14-0

Boult to Sammy, OUT, short, and it surprised him for pace, and he was halfway between pulling and swaying out of the way and the ball looped up off the shoulder of his bat down to short third man. Excellent delivery, saw Sammy clear his front leg in a premeditated manner
DJG Sammy c Southee b Boult 10 (7m 4b 1x4 1x6) SR: 250.00

End of over 16 (9 runs) West Indies 124/5 (RR: 7.75)

AD Russell0 (2b)
KA Pollard11 (8b 1x6)

TA Boult4-0-28-2
IS Sodhi3-0-35-1

Anderson to Russell, OUT, angled across, and Russell, backing away, tries to go over extra cover but ends up slicing it high in the air and the sweeper runs to his left and takes a simple catch on the boundary
AD Russell c Taylor b Anderson 1 (8m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00

End of over 17 (5 runs) West Indies 129/6 (RR: 7.58)

KA Pollard14 (11b 1x6)
D Ramdin0 (0b)

CJ Anderson4-0-32-2
TA Boult4-0-28-2

Southee to Pollard, OUT, taken! Another short ball, and Pollard connects this time but not very well, and he swats this uppishly towards deep midwicket. Anderson runs to his right and dives sideways to take it low, close to the ground, with both hands.
KA Pollard c Anderson b Southee 16 (27m 16b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100.00

Southee to Ramdin, 1 run, OUT, slower ball, and Ramdin had no idea where that was going, before he sees it late, dipping down towards the blockhole. He swats at it and hits it down towards mid-on. Neesham sprints in from long-on and throws to the keeper's end, where Ronchi takes off the bails as Ramdin looks for a non-existent second to boost West Indies' total. This has been a superb last over from Southee
D Ramdin run out 1 (7m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Southee to Ramdin, 1 run, OUT, slower ball, and Ramdin had no idea where that was going, before he sees it late, dipping down towards the blockhole. He swats at it and hits it down towards mid-on. Neesham sprints in from long-on and throws to the keeper's end, where Ronchi takes off the bails as Ramdin looks for a non-existent second to boost West Indies' total. This has been a superb last over from Southee
D Ramdin run out 1 (7m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

End of over 18 (3 runs) West Indies 132/8

SP Narine0 (0b)

TG Southee4-0-20-2
CJ Anderson4-0-32-2

Right. So by our calculations, New Zealand's target will be 133. There won't be any upward revisions.

Andre Fletcher says there was some tennis-ball bounce and "it was hard to get the ball off the square initially". He says 132 isn't a bad score considering the conditions. Let's see if the West Indies bowlers can prove him right.

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Re: Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
« Reply #4 on: July 05, 2014, 03:25:09 PM »
Alrighty, then. Here come Neesham and Williamson to begin New Zealand's chase of 133. They're giving the pitch a final roll as the players come in. It will be Williamson on strike, and he will face Samuel Badree. It's drizzling quite heavily.

End of over 1 (2 runs) New Zealand 2/0 (132 runs required from 17 overs, RR: 2.00, RRR: 7.76)

KS Williamson 1 (3b 0x4 0x6)
JDS Neesham 1 (3b 0x4 0x6)

Santokie to Neesham, OUT, bowled him! That's a good ball, much fuller, right up in the blockhole, in fact, and much closer to off, and he tries to drive without moving his feet and drags an inside-edge onto his stumps.
JDS Neesham b Santokie 11 (8b 1x4 1x6) SR: 137.50

End of over 3 (6 runs) New Zealand 18/1 (116 runs required from 15 overs, RR: 6.00, RRR: 7.73)

KS Williamson 6 (6b 1x4 0x6)
BB McCullum 1 (4b 0x4 0x6)

S Badree 2-0-8-0
K Santokie 1-0-10-1

End of over 4 (4 runs) New Zealand 22/1 (112 runs required from 14 overs, RR: 5.50, RRR: 8.00)

BB McCullum 3 (8b 0x4 0x6)
KS Williamson 7 (8b 1x4 0x6)

SP Narine 1-0-4-0
S Badree 2-0-8-0


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Re: Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
« Reply #5 on: July 05, 2014, 03:30:23 PM »
End of over 5 (17 runs) New Zealand 39/1 (95 runs required from 13 overs, RR: 7.80, RRR: 7.30)

BB McCullum 20 (14b 2x4 1x6)
KS Williamson 7 (8b 1x4 0x6)

K Santokie 2-0-27-1
SP Narine 1-0-4-0

End of over 7 (3 runs) New Zealand 47/1 (87 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 6.71, RRR: 7.90)

KS Williamson 10 (12b 1x4 0x6)
BB McCullum 25 (22b 2x4 1x6)

AD Russell 1-0-3-0
S Badree 3-0-13-0

End of over 8 (10 runs) New Zealand 57/1 (77 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 7.12, RRR: 7.70)

KS Williamson 12 (14b 1x4 0x6)
BB McCullum 33 (26b 3x4 1x6)

SP Narine 2-0-14-0
AD Russell 1-0-3-0

Sammy to Williamson, OUT, And Sammy's done the trick! It was the slower ball, and Williamson closed his face early, and the ball looped high over Sammy, who leapt up in his follow-through and took a super overhead catch with his left hand.
KS Williamson c & b Sammy 19 (18b 2x4 0x6) SR: 105.55

End of over 9 (9 runs) New Zealand 66/2 (68 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 7.33, RRR: 7.55)

LRPL Taylor 1 (1b 0x4 0x6)
BB McCullum 34 (27b 3x4 1x6)

DJG Sammy 1-0-9-1
SP Narine 2-0-14-0

End of over 10 (4 runs) New Zealand 70/2 (64 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 7.00, RRR: 8.00)

LRPL Taylor 2 (6b 0x4 0x6)
BB McCullum 35 (28b 3x4 1x6)

KA Pollard 1-0-3-0
DJG Sammy 1-0-9-1

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Re: Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
« Reply #6 on: July 05, 2014, 05:36:54 PM »
End of over 12 (5 runs) New Zealand 93/2 (41 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 7.75, RRR: 6.83)

BB McCullum39 (33b 3x4 1x6)
LRPL Taylor21 (13b 1x4 2x6)

SP Narine3-0-19-0
AD Russell2-0-21-0

Sammy to McCullum, OUT, Sammy strikes again! It's short, and McCullum pulls, but for once he doesn't get hold of it and it goes uppishly and drops comfortably into the hands of Dwayne Smith at deep square leg
BB McCullum c Smith b Sammy 40 (52m 35b 3x4 1x6) SR: 114.28

The West Indians are complaining about the ball but the umpires are having none of it. The ball promptly slips out of Pollard's grasp as he runs in for his next delivery. Out come towels and red rags to wipe the ball clean

End of over 14 (11 runs) New Zealand 108/3 (26 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 7.71, RRR: 6.50)

CJ Anderson9 (5b 1x6)
LRPL Taylor25 (18b 1x4 2x6)

KA Pollard2-0-14-0
DJG Sammy2-0-13-2

Sammy to Anderson, OUT, Sammy has three now. He bangs this in, and it goes looping off Anderson's outside edge as he looks to pull. Easy catch for Narine at short fine leg
CJ Anderson c Narine b Sammy 15 (18m 9b 1x4 1x6) SR: 166.66

That's it from us for this match. The rain played a major role in the match, both in terms of making the ball hard to grip and the pitch a little unpredictable, and it put New Zealand in a distinctly advantageous position by the end. They made sure they capitalised, and they've taken a 1-0 lead.

End of over 15 (9 runs) New Zealand 117/4

LRPL Taylor28 (20b 1x4 2x6)
L Ronchi0 (0b)

DJG Sammy3-0-22-3
KA Pollard2-0-14-0


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Re: Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
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Andre Fletcher is Man of the Match

Darren Sammy says West Indies batted really well, after the start they got, but didn't get the finish they wanted at the end. "We still backed our bowlers to defend, but the conditions didn't allow us to do it. The most important thing in cricket is the ball, and the conditions made it very difficult to grip."

Brendon McCullum agrees, and says the conditions were "unacceptable" and adds that he feels for the "team on the wrong side" of the result. "The wicket, with the rain on it, it was hard to tell if it was going to kiss off it or sit on it."

Ross Taylor says "you have to give credit to the umpires and the West Indies players for staying out for so long because it was raining quite steadily."

And that, it seems, is that. It's still raining, and the light isn't great either, and the players go off again, and the players shake hands as they do so. The Duckworth-Lewis par score for New Zealand, at this point, was 105 for 4, and they're comfortably ahead of that score. This means, of course, that they are in the curious, but now familiar position of having won by a runs margin rather than a wickets margin despite batting second.

They have won by 12 runs.


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Re: Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
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Cricket: New Zealand win first T20

10:57 AM Sunday Jul 6, 2014

Captain Brendon McCullum hit 40 off 35 balls as New Zealand wrapped up a 12-run Duckworth/Lewis victory over the West Indies in a rainy opening Twenty20 at Windsor Park on Sunday.

In a match reduced to 18 overs per side by light rain, New Zealand was well placed at 117-4 off 15 overs in pursuit of 133 to win when bad light and persistent drizzle finally ended the contest.

McCullum slammed three fours and a six while former skipper Ross Taylor contributed a crucial unbeaten 28 off 20 balls.

West Indies skipper Darren Sammy led the hosts' bowling with 3-22.

Earlier, the West Indies' total of 132-8 was based around Andre Fletcher's top-score of 52 off 39 balls and his third-wicket stand of 88 with Darren Bravo, who contributed 30 off 28 deliveries.

Man-of-the-match Fletcher hit one four and four sixes while left-hander Bravo cracked two sixes.

The pace pair of Tim Southee (2-20) and Trent Boult (2-28) were the mainstays of New Zealand's effort after they won the toss and chose to bowl.

Bolt trapped Lendl Simmons (1) leg before wicket with a yorker before Southee removed Dwayne Smith (8) at 10-2.

Fletcher and Bravo enjoyed their stand either side of an hour and a half of rain interruption.

But once both departed, the innings lost momentum, with allrounder Corey Anderson (2-32) also picking up two wickets.

New Zealand's chase lost Jimmy Neesham early when he dragged on a yorker from Krishmar Santokie at 12-1.

But McCullum shared a second-wicket stand of 53 with Kane Williamson (19) to engineer his side's victory.

Sammy struck three times during the light drizzle but New Zealand was always ahead on the rain rule.

The second and final match in the series is at the same venue on Monday.

- AP


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Re: Windies seeking redemption 1st T20 Windsor Park , Dominica
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West Indies continue to lose
Published: Guardian
Sunday, July 6, 2014
Fresh from losing the Test series 1-2 to New Zealand, West Indies continued their dismal run yesterday, as they lost by 12 runs under the Duckworth/Lewis system in their rain-affected first Twenty20 International contest at Windsor Park in Dominica. The West Indies despite a hard hit 52 from Andre Fletcher made an inadequate 132 for eight off 18 overs. Brendon McCullum stroked 40 to take the visitors home. When rain intervened for the last time the umpires took the players off with New Zealand on 117 for four off 15 overs.

The West Indies just did not turn up for the game and at the end they went left licking their wounds and looking to rebound immediately today, when the second and final match is played at the same venue.

New Zealand set about their winning target with purpose and although they lost Jimmy Neesham early on for 11, McCullum guided the ship nicely with 40 that killed off any hopes the West Indies had of making early inroads into their batting. McCullum and the prolific Kane Williamson (19) then took the score to 65 by the ninth over that took the game away from the West Indies. McCullum's 40 came off 35 balls with three fours and a six. Ross Taylor finished strongly with an unbeaten 28 off 20 balls with a four and two sixes. West Indies skipper Darren Sammy back in regional colours was the pick of the local bowlers with 3/22.
When the teams were declared early on it looked like of a battle of wicketkeepers. The West Indies had four men who had kept wickets for them in T20s - Denesh Ramdin, Andre Fletcher, Lendl Simmons and Darren Bravo. On the Kiwi side were Brendon McCullum, Luke Ronchi, BJ Watling and Tom Latham.

With the rain always a threat, New Zealand captain McCullum won the toss and decided to send the West Indies in to take first strike. However, the only team striking early on was the New Zealanders as they ripped out the West Indies openers with only 10 runs on the board. Simmons, the Mumbai Indians opener, would have hoped to bring his rich IPL (Indian Premier League) form to this game but it did not happen. He fell leg before to Boult for one. Before he could have taken off his pads, Dwayne Smith joined him in the dugout—he was caught by BJ Watling off Tim Southee for eight.
Bravo was then pitted with Fletcher and they took the score to 22 for two before the rain came down and wiped off four overs off the match, making it an 18/18 clash. The rain came down heavy and the mountains in the background looked grey. The fans kept the faith and stayed on and soon enough play resumed.

On the resumption, the West Indies needed momentum and they found that in the form of Fletcher. He powered the ball down the ground and as he took apart the visitors bowling. He lost Bravo for 30 off 28 balls with two sixes and soon after, he brought up his half century. His milestone was realised off 36 balls with four sixes and a four. With overs running out, he saw the need to slash at everything and fell for 52 off leg-spinner Ish Sodhi who was on debut.
The two power hitters Kieron Pollard and Sammy were then left to finish off the innings but the Kiwi bowlers had a plan for them and the last three overs brought only 17 runs for the loss of four wickets, as the West Indies closed on 132 for eight. Southee ended with 2/20, Boult 2/28 and Anderson 2/32.
WI vs N Zealand
WI inns
D Smith  c Watling b Southee    8
L Simmons  lbw Boult    1
D Bravo  c Ronchi b Anderson    30
A Fletcher  c  Boult b  Sodhi    52
K Pollard  c Anderson b Southee    16
D Sammy  c Southee b Boult    10
A Russell  c Taylor b Anderson    1
D Ramdin  run out    1
S Narine not out    0
Extras: lb3, w9, nb1    13
Total:  8 wkts    132
Bowling: T Southee 4-0-20-2 (1nb, 2w), T Boult 4-0-28-2 (2w), J Neesham 3-0-14-0 (2w), C Anderson 4-0-32-2 (2w), I Sodhi 3-0-35-1 (1w).

N Zealand inns (target 133)

K Williamson  c&b Sammy    19
J Neesham   b Santokie    11
B McCullum c Smith b Sammy    40
R Taylor   not out    28
C Anderson  c Narine b Sammy    15
L Ronchi  not out    0
Extras  lb1, w3    4
Total 4 wkts (15ovs)    117

Bowling: S Badree 3-0-13-0, K Santokie 2-0-27-1, S Narine 3-0-19-0 (1w), A Russell 2-0-21-0, D Sammy 3-0-22-3, K Pollard 2-0-14-0 (2w).

Result: New Zealand won by 12 runs D/L Method.

Man of the match: Andre Fletcher.


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