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Rising Star Michelle-Lee Ahye Thread

I think she now deserves her own thread, don't you agree?!

This thread will include as many race videos and interviews as possible featuring T&T's young Rising Star Michelle-Lee Ahye starting with this nice interview from May 2014 at the Penn Relays!

Michelle-Lee Ahye Interview

Michelle-Lee Ahye (2014 Penn Relays), the next great female sprinter from Trinidad & Tobago discusses with her rise in the sprinting ranks and her superb 2014 season...

And here is another interesting interview from the Penn Relays.

Michelle Lee Ahye says young T&T athletes need support

Michelle Lee Ahye, who was part of Trinidad and Tobago's squad that finished fourth in the women's 4100m relay at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics, wants more to be done to develop talent in her country.
Michelle Lee Ahye spoke to at Penn Relays 2014.

Hopefully MLA's injury is not serious although it looks like a hammy.  Good double on the night though.


--- Quote from: behind-de-bridge on July 15, 2014, 01:21:39 PM ---Hopefully MLA's injury is not serious although it looks like a hammy.  Good double on the night though.

--- End quote ---
MLA just posted on her twitter that is was just a cramp so it looks like she'll be okay.

--- Quote ---Lee Ahye
Hey everyone I'm ok it's nothing serious was jus a cramp...

--- End quote ---

Glad to know! I think it's time she rest up. She's been running everywhere and pushing her body to the limit and it's her first time doing so so extensively. She isn't superwoman.

She did the double and defeated a solid crop of 200m specialists by a good margin. She isn't really a 200 girl so for her to do that says a lot.

Sort that technique out and she can be a consistent 10.9x/8high sprinter- with favourable conditions she can push to 10.7 maybe even 10.6/5 when she peaks.

I find it strange that even though she is doing all these great things she isn't really being spoken about on the other forums.


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