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Author Topic: Rumour has it that SWO TAKING OVER TTFA?- no joke  (Read 614 times)

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Rumour has it that SWO TAKING OVER TTFA?- no joke
« on: August 04, 2014, 09:42:56 AM »
Sounds far fetched but is it really? What does it take to competently manage the TTFA?

 If you take a look at the progressive  development of  affairs of the TTFA you would think that the gatekeepers are fundamentally flawed in shredding the residual legacy of the era of its past mis managers.

The inability to generate funds and to  meet the payments of coaches ; the inability to adequately fund teams  and to develop strategic plans prior to qualifications for major tournaments remains  enigmas to our development on a global level.  There should be no way conceivable that we are finding ourselves in this financial whirls wind when  countries with economies that are suspect like Haiti and even Jamaica continue to finance their national teams with ample friendlies abroad.

When those in charge like the presiding president, who has a continuity of how thongs were managed fails to take to task the ills of the past then the problems of the past will still be an impediment to the future direction of the my opinion it is time that an independent objective and fresh set of governance be put in place to govern this footballing fraternity. What does it take to manage this organization? Do we have  what is takes in the SWO to take over and steer this organization in a place worthy to represent TNT?

It is apparent that there are members  from the SWO who are loyal passionate knowledgeable and dedicated to the advancement of the sport in TNT . Among us we have the leadership with the connections to governing bodies, we have those with a Legal background, we have former coaches, we have business oriented individuals, we have those who have the PR background and we have those who can communicate; we have experts on team player selections; lawd the SWO is the pinnacle for ideas and for talking success.LOL... IF YUH WANT CURRENT EXPERTISE, SEE THE swo.

Given what is and who are presently moving the present TTFA could the SWO do better?  In following the management of the TTFA one rarely hear of anyone else but Tim Kee and Sheldon Phillips so if we present a mandate of a collective and collaborative decision making body bend on doing what is right for football in this country should we not be adequate replacement to take on the management of the TTFA?  I believe that Mr. Phillips is well intended but may be in no position to enact on plans given the sad state of financial constraints from which to operate. However , what would it take to recoup the amt. of money which have been allegedly misappropriated from the coffers?

Do we know if the TTFA has:

1. An adequate scouting system in place that reviews and studio the opposing teams prior to competition?
2 is there a development program for our coaches?
3 do we have a system on place to attract and retain interest in  players abroad?
4 do we a structure that would allow us to have open camps I regions throughout the world that would discover potential talent to represent TnT?
5- do we have management / financial department to ensure funds are managed and adequately sourced out?
6 do we have Public relations team not alone person show
7 do we have a marketing strategy to promote and to reach out nationally and internationally  about our "brand"?
8 do we have strategic plans for the growth and development of a system that would build on success?
9 do we have visionary leaders who are adamant that ethical and progressive measures are needed to move us forward?
10 Do we have doers rather than talkers ? Do we have actual action rather than baseless promises?

Time to bring the election of the TTFA in a public and transparent domain; time to restore public trust and public support for the management and the direction of football in our country and time to make some bold and radical steps to eradicate the past stewardship. 

So far we have read of grandiose ideas but as a public we have never read of a strategic plan to prepare our national teams for success- the old  system of two week hastily gathering of players and camps filled with the same old boys regardless of whether players are in  shape or not are given MO of this organization. 

Time for change time for movement in a different direction and time for an independent body to effectively and efficiently manage this organization or at the very least, time to officially appoint an elected body of SWO members to a board that will hold the TTFA accountable for the direction of football in this country.( is ok the board members could work for free like everyone clim they doing or we could see if FIFA development funds for the region or each country could be deployed to a board that would be entrusted  with ensuring that this said funds are being deployed to do what it is intended to do- the players coaches and the development of the game)
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Re: Rumour has it that SWO TAKING OVER TTFA?- no joke
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2014, 07:14:46 PM »
Yea, SWO might do a better job for true.

However, lets be honest, the TTFA don't have the money to do what they really would like.

So we really can't pick on Sheldon to much.

However, we eh go sit here to long and swallow that up, they need sponsors and they need to really try hard on getting one.

The only thing I feel is Sheldon trying to do it alone.

But give them a chance cause without money NO ONE can do anything, not even de SWO.

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