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« on: November 11, 2014, 02:40:58 AM »

 I don't know how much of you are following this story but my god this is horrendous

By NALINEE SEELAL and ANGELO MARCELLE Tuesday, November 11 2014

 POLICE yesterday released photos of a man, whom they identified as Azmon Alexander aka “Pappi” and “Apalon” of Bye-Pass Road, Arima and who they claim is a “Person of Interest” being sought in connection with the disappearance of a Paria family including a woman, her two teenaged daughters, the woman’s grandchild and a man, two weeks ago.

Apart from Alexander, sources yesterday confirmed the re-arrest of three persons who had previously been released after being held in connection with the Paria family’s disappearance.

Newsday understands a fourth person, said to be a woman, who is a close relative of one of the missing persons, is also in custody. The suspects are being kept separate from each other at various police stations. The female suspect is being kept at the Barataria Police Station.

On October 26, Irma Rampersad, 49, her daughters Felicia Gonzales, 17, and Jenelle Gonzales, 19, Irma’s granddaughter Shania Amoroso, one, (Jenelle’s daughter) and Felix Martinez, 51, went missing from Rampersad’s Mount Bleau, Brasso Seco, Paria home.

Searches in the Paria forests were conducted by police officers, soldiers and members of the Police K9 unit with assistance from the National Operations Centre (NOC). An ad hoc operations centre was created at the Blanchisseuse Police Station as searches continued.

On Saturday last, at 10.30 am, a search party spotted an object a hundred feet down a precipice in the vicinity of the burnt out remains of a shack. The decomposing remains of an adult and a child were found. The child was found inside a sleeping bag. The bodies were removed to the Forensic Science Centre (FSC) in St James.

Senior police sources told Newsday Rampersad and the other victims were abducted and believed killed because of information reaching a man, that they (the missing family) were about to give information to police implicating him in the murder of Phillip Noriega, 31, on August 3 not too far from Rampersad’s home. Noriega’s body was found in bushes.

Sources revealed yesterday that Noriega was lured to his death by persons known to him. Noriega’s killer and the persons who lured him (Noriega) are believed to have had a falling out and the persons were preparing to go to the police with information on the Noriega killing.

Investigators said they are confident of finding the bodies of Rampersad and her two daughters based on information they have been receiving from an informant, who is being kept at a safe house.

Yesterday, Inspector Roger Alexander of the North Eastern Division promised to assist in solving these murders claiming that the police are awaiting, “a little bit more information” before completing their investigations. He vowed to bring the perpetrators of the heinous murders to justice, sending a pointed message to the killers saying: “you can run for now but you cannot hide forever...we will hunt you down and find you!”

Alexander insisted there are several persons who know everything about the abduction of Rampersad and members of her family but prefer to pretend they know nothing. He insisted the truth will come to light in quick time.

Yesterday police, soldiers and fire officers operating out of the Blanchisseuse police station and a community centre in the area continued their search for the three missing women. Despite the inclement weather, officers combed several forested areas while officers from the National Operations Centre (NOC) used Vipers 1 and 2 to do aerial searches. When the weather cleared up shortly before midday yesterday, cadaver dogs together with their handlers teamed up with other officers and the search continued.

Police also continued the search yesterday of vehicles entering in and leaving Paria and several homes were also searched. The lockdown of the area which was introduced on Saturday was eased up temporarily as persons who do not live in the area were allowed into the rural community. However officers have been maintaining a round the clock patrol, searching vehicles entering and exiting.

Tears at Forensic Centre

While police were continuing to search the forests for the bodies of Irma Rampersad and her two daughters, relatives of the missing persons including Rampersad’s daughter Gail Harford and baby Shania’s paternal grandmother Helen Assing went to the Forensic Science Centre yesterday (FSC) to identify two bodies found in the forests on Saturday.

On leaving the autopsy room, a weeping Harford told reporters that the adult corpse was that of a male and is believed to be Felix. The other corpse was identified as being her niece, baby Shania.

“We were able to identify the baby’s body by her clothing. Some pampers were also found near to the scene. It was a very hard thing to look at the two bodies. The baby’s head was separated from its body. If they need further proof by way of DNA tests, they will contact us,” said Harford.

Now that the adult corpse has been identified as that of Felix, Harford is keeping her fingers crossed that her mother and two sisters are still alive.

“We are still keeping our fingers crossed and are clinging to hope that the others are still alive. One way or the other, we need closure. We need to be reunited with our loved ones. As for going back to that house (where the family went missing) we just can’t as it holds too many painful memories. It is no longer home for us.

“We saw a bandana wrapped around Felix’s neck so I don’t know...he may have been strangled. They have to come back tomorrow (today) to continue the autopsies. We don’t know as yet how the baby was killed. Further tests need to be done,” Harford said.

Yesterday evening — outside of normal working hours — preliminary examinations on both bodies were done by pathologist Dr Eastlyn McDonald Burris. This was so because of a large number of bodies brought to the FSC owing to a bloody weekend filled with murders and fatal accidents.

For her part, Helen Assing — the paternal grandmother of baby Shania said she is leaving justice to God. “I am of the old school. I believe in the Bible and scriptures. I am leaving vengeance in the hands of the Lord. But I can tell you that I am very distraught, I am very hurt at what they did to my granddaughter and the others,” Assing said.

“I don’t know why my family had to make the headlines in such a manner. We are trying to keep calm. We are hoping the others are still alive but...I just don’t know. I will wait on the Lord to take His vengeance. These people did not just go away, to be forgotten just so. We need closure...we are just holding on and trying to be strong for each other. We are just trying to cope,” Assing said.

The release from the police yesterday indicated that the service’s Victim and Witness Support Unit will provide counselling to family members of the missing persons. The search for Irma and her two daughters will continue today.

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« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2014, 03:13:05 AM »
Yesterday evening — outside of normal working hours — preliminary examinations on both bodies were done by pathologist Dr Eastlyn McDonald Burris. This was so because of a large number of bodies brought to the FSC owing to a bloody weekend filled with murders and fatal accidents.

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