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By Nicole S Farrell

An American woman saying “Don’t start none, won’t be none!” is equivalent to a Trini woman saying, “You go ahead wit’ me!”
Trini women — and I deliberately say Trini — are a no-nonsense bunch when it comes to preparing the house for the Christmas season. They are militant in their vision and war could easily break out when her instructions aren’t carried out with urgency or quality effort.
Just like their children, men fall victim to these repeated calls for duty and they unwittingly invite a devilish tongue-lashing if they ‘lapse’.

A woman makes a natural detective, however, she is a master attorney. She can argue a point. Having observed women over the years and having heard female strangers share stories, I have created a list of ten things a Trini man should never, ever say to his Trini woman, regardless of if they’re living together. Some of these quotes just have to be done in local parlance, so excuse me.

1. “I don’t think I’m buying any paint for the outside wall. That’s too much money.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “It wasn’t too much money when you went liming and drinking whole weekend with yuh partners last weekend? Ah sure yuh spend much more than the price of two cans of paint, so please!”

2. “A few partners coming to lime on Boxing Day eh.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “So now I have to go and cook again on Boxing Day? I was just going to cook on Christmas Day and cook enough to last until Boxing Day. (Steups) Like you helping me cook?”

3. “After I eat (on Christmas Day), I will go down by Sammy to lime.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “So you can’t just stay home with me and the children? De fellas will dead if they don’t see you for one day, man?”

4. “All of these groceries you want to buy for just one day?”
Possible Woman’s Response: “Who eats the most in the house, me or you?”

5. “Oh gosh! Yuh walk this store about 20 times! Make up yuh mind what yuh want nah!”
Possible Woman’s Response: “When you’re taking half day to wash de car while I’m slaving away cleaning and washing your clothes I does tell you anything?!”

6. “So you HAVE to get THAT?”
Possible Woman’s Response: “Well, at least I didn’t buy $10,000 rims or some stupid sound system! I work for my money too, so just how you could buy, I could buy. Yuh understand?”

7. “So you can’t just use the purple curtains from last year?
Possible Woman’s Response: “First of all those curtains from last year are LILAC. Secondly, those LILAC curtains would clash with the pattern on the new chairs. Hear nah, I am a woman, so I know what I’m doing.”

8. “This fruit cake not tasting like Mammy own.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “I look like your mother?!”

9. “Why yuh don’t learn to make pastelles instead of using this set of money to buy?”
Possible Woman’s Response: “Who going to sweat in that kitchen to make pastelles? You can’t even take yuh time to make a butter sandwich but you want to tell me to make pastelles? Look, mister!”

10. “Oh gosh, I don’t feel to go to your company dinner, you know.”
Possible Woman’s Response: “No? If Keith and dem ask you to go quite Toco, even 2 o’clock in the morning, you will go though! A little company dinner for three hours you can’t do for me?”

Gentlemen, the moral of the story is, Trini women don’t play when it comes to getting things in order at this time of the year. I gently encourage you, stay in your lane. Depending on the situation, embrace the sneaker giant’s tag, just do it!

Today you're the dog, tomorrow you're the hydrant - so be good to others - it comes back!"

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Ah like 7 the best, curtains not purple they lilac  :rotfl:
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#8 is   :D

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 :beermug: For me it's 2 & 3

As a Trini man, always a reason to lime....
whey boy!


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