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Author Topic: TnT In Action Game Links Thread  (Read 711 times)

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TnT In Action Game Links Thread
« on: April 11, 2015, 07:09:39 PM »
I think this could be an informative thread to
Post links of games here :

 Yohance Marshall live as Juventud Independiente takes on Isidro Metapan (table leader) : or

Kareem Smith live at 4 pm MST with the Switchbacks FC vs Real Monarchs:

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Re: TnT In Action Game Links Thread
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2015, 09:21:27 PM »
Court Forbids Spain's Rojadirecta to Link to Pirated Sports Streams
Pamela Rolfe (The Hollywood Reporter).

Rojadirecta, Spain’s most popular live sports streaming site, has been ordered by a Madrid court to stop linking to unauthorized content within one week or be blocked by local Internet servers.

The site, which offers dozens of links to pirated sites to watch everything from NFL games, major league baseball, FIFA matches and Spain’s professional soccer league to Formula One and Grand Slam tennis, said it will not comply with the Madrid court’s order. 

The website, owned by Spanish group Puerto 80, maintains it is within the legal limits and warned the site might be blocked by Spanish telecoms within the coming weeks “temporarily.”

The site does not easily cave to pressure.

"We know the legality of Rojadirecta very well," the group said in a release posted on the site. “Our way of operating and our continuity are not in danger.”

Not only has it survived two previous legal actions in Spain, but also in the in the U.S. The U.S. government was forced to drop the claim and return the domain to the group 19 months after it seized it in 2011 as part of an Internet crackdown.

 “Rojadirecta is advised in Europe by a number of legal teams with the best experience regarding Internet operators’ liabilities,” the site said. “We are very aware of the legality of Rojadirecta. Our operations now and in the future are not reckless.”

The Spanish professional soccer league brought the suit to the Madrid court.

The site is a discussion board where registered users talk sports, politics and other topics. Additionally, it links to sports streams, many of which are illegally accessed.

Court forbids Rojadirecta football streaming

Popular Spanish streaming site Rojadirecta has been ordered by a Madrid court to stop linking to certain football streams or have its site blocked by local ISPs.

The site’s operators are refusing to budge without a fight and have already announced an appeal against the preliminary injunction. Rojadirecta is operated by the Spanish company Puerto 80, which previously won two lawsuits in Spain, declaring the site as operating legally under local law. Even the US government failed to bring the site down. In 2011 the Department of Homeland Security seized the site’s domain name, but facing a legal battle the authorities chose to hand it back to the rightful owners. Now the odds seem to have turned.

Following a complaint from the Professional Football League (LFP), a Madrid court has ruled that Rojadirecta can no longer link to unauthorised streams of football events to which Mediapro and Gol Television own the rights. The court issued a preliminary injunction that orders the site’s operators to cease these activities within seven days. If the company fails to comply, local ISPs will be instructed to block access to Rojadirecta.

Martinez Trujillo, director Strategic Projects of the Spanish Football League, welcomed the court’s decision, commenting: “The Football League has been working intensively against piracy during the last 18 months and today we won the first great battle against this [man who runs the site], who is really a crook.”
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