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Author Topic: 3 lovers unite during autopsy  (Read 1068 times)

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3 lovers unite during autopsy
« on: April 28, 2015, 10:46:46 AM »
Jensen La Vende

Trinidad Guardian

A bond was formed between three women at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday, after they all arrived at the facility teary-eyed to claim the remains of the same man, Lennox “Chin” Gibson, who was gunned down at the home of one of the women.

By the end of their visit they realised they had all shared intimate relationships with Gibson who had managed to keep his secret lifestyle with each one completely hidden.

According to police reports, Gibson, 43, who is originally from Guyana, was found dead at the home of his girlfriend of seven years Michelle Lamorelle, at Lodge place, East Dry River, Port-of-Spain, on Sunday night.

Police said Gibson was called out by a man and when he went to check he was shot twice. Lamorelle arrived home to find him dead around 9.40 pm. But when Lamorelle arrived at the centre for the autopsy yesterday, she was greeted by two other women, both claiming to be Gibson’s significant other.

After realising the secret lifestyle Gibson had led, the women all stood at the entrance of the centre discussing their relationships with the man, who they all subsequently labelled a “dog” for his treatment of them. Others who showed up at the facility grieving were seen peering at the women, all of different height weight and mannerisms.

Some were heard commenting on the confusion, labelling the man as a “sweetman with a “magic stick.” One worker at the facility even said he wanted to learn from Gibson as he was “a real boss.”

At first Lamorelle, obviously hurt as she had a child with Gibson, was heard saying she was not going to bury him and even wanted to change the child’s last name to hers.

But by the end all three women were seen embracing each other and vowed to stand by each other and contribute to the funeral expenses.

Before coming to this agreement, however, the women explained how Gibson spent his last moments on earth.

The “newest” of Gibson’s girlfriends, who was identified only as Tonya, said he left her Diego Martin home at 4.30 am Sunday. She said she later heard he was killed and went to the Besson Street Police Station to confirm.

She recalled: “The Chin that I know was a kind, loving person. I was with him for a year-and-five months. He never have no woman. “He was always faithful to the relationship, working night and day... workaholic... hard-working man.” Tonya added that on Saturday Gibson was in a happy mood when he came to visit her. “He told me he loved me before he left and he wanted me to cook for him. He said he had two stops to make before he reached to work,” Tonya said.

Longest relationship

The second longest relationship, which was for five years, was with a woman named Patricia from Petit Valley. She last saw Gibson just before noon Sunday as he left for work in Sangre Grande. He visited her at 5 am Sunday, she said.

Patricia said Gibson promised to open a business with her, a promise he also made with Tonya. Gibson, they all said, was a foreman with Agostini and did gypsum installation. Patricia too said that Gibson was good to her.

“I not going to say my life revolve around Chin. Things happen in the past and I was always on my guard but I always watch him closely,” Patricia said. “About two years ago before my man died, a woman from San Fernando call and said that she was his (Gibson) woman. He tried denying it but then I found out he was up in the house in Cocorite.”

Patricia added that in her last conversation with him she asked him to slow down as he claimed he had to rush off to work. He wanted pelau for lunch so Patricia cooked that, although she wanted to do her “usual Sunday lunch.” Lamorelle, who was in the longest lasting relationship with Gibson, said he was a talented man for his ability to manoeuvre three women as far as they knew. She threatened to leave the expense of burying him to his family in Guyana. “He call me and tell me he coming up the road and when I reach home he was dead. When I saw him I started to cry,” Lamorelle said.

The three women were each given money between Friday and Sunday morning — one $700, another $1,100 and the third $1,500. All three promised to cook for him. Tonya couldn’t as there was no water. Lamorelle cooked rice and stewed fish, while Patricia made pelau all because Gibson liked rice.

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Re: 3 lovers unite during autopsy
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3 lovers and the village ram!

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Re: 3 lovers unite during autopsy
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2015, 12:57:21 AM »

Rhel interesting story oui

They can't horn him back now  :)

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Re: 3 lovers unite during autopsy
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2015, 04:00:07 PM »
So nobody post the follow up... Where the man wife fly in from Guyana to claim the body and one of the women here helping her with the funeral arrangements?
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