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Author Topic: Villa Capri Is Now A Legally Protected “Heritage Site  (Read 2802 times)

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Villa Capri Is Now A Legally Protected “Heritage Site
« on: July 09, 2015, 12:19:04 PM »
Villa Capri Is Now A Legally Protected “Heritage Site
Late O'Clock News

For many, the words “Villa Capri” invoke sideways glances and smiles as well as knowing winks and nods from all but the most sheltered of Trinbagonians. Its claim to fame as a den of debauchery with a heaping helping of South American charm has transcended generations and finally, after years of raids, scandal, denial and rebranding, its profound influence on the nation is finally being recognized after the Council of the National Trust unanimously voted to list the establishment as an “Important Heritage Site”.

“Over the years Villa has taken on a life as a mythical place which has been etched into the imaginations of all Trinbagonians, young and old” said Candice Beatru a member of the Trust. Mrs. Beatru added, “While its history has been one of constant police scrutiny and I can’t stress this enough, alleged prostitution, we at the Trust are happy to announce that following the completion of its protected status, no law enforcement officials will be able to raid the building, as its contents are also considered protected. Including the patrons and the prostitu- I mean staff.”

Public reaction to the move was overwhelmingly positive; with many claiming that the move was both “welcome” and “overdue”.

“I am extremely happy that Villa Capri is now a protected building,” said Omar Edwards, a 26 year old UWI student. “It is an important tourism destination, for locals and foreigners alike, and I’m excited that steps are being taken to preserve it”

Almost as excited was Byron Grant, 70, from San Fernando. “For over 20 years now I coming to Villa, or as they call it now, Seamen’s Bar. I don’t know what they rename it that for. I used to come there so often it will always be Villa to me. Anyway, I just glad them police can’t come and raid again. They just used to be vex that them girls was so skilled. Now everybody could relax and enjoy theyself without getting molested by the police. ”

However, while most rejoice, not all reactions to the decree have been positive, with some, like a resident of San Fernando who would only give his name as “Tallman” is upset at the decree, fearing that it will encourage illegal immigration.

“Well I am a man, I like to identify as Bi-Local, meaning two things. I only buy local goods, and I only like women from 2 islands. Trinidad and Tobago. What these people encouraging here is to bring in more of these Spanish women from Venezuela and Columbia because they cheaper that our local girls and I don’t find that right. Give local a chance!”

Due to the overwhelming positive reception, the Trust hopes to add other local establishments such as Dads Dan and Rich Gold to their list of heritage sites as well. As one official put it “These institutions have brought a smile to the faces of many a person over the years and still play a major part in our society, therefore we should do everything in our power to safeguard them from degradation”.
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