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Author Topic: Concacaf Champions League Thread.  (Read 117758 times)

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Re: Concacaf Champions League Thread.
« Reply #1020 on: March 07, 2022, 01:31:57 PM »
So, in conclusion here is CONCACAF finding:

"After due examination of this case, which included clear evidence that the club did not meet its responsibility of ensuring visa applications were made within the required time to participate in the competition, the Committee has established that Cavaly AS infringed articles 4.1.4 (applying for visas within the required time), 4.4 (participating clubs) and 7.2 (withdrawal, unplayed matches and abandoned matches) of the Competition Regulations. Therefore, and in accordance with articles 21 (Concacaf Disciplinary Committee) and 7.3.2 (fines in case of withdrawal), the club has been imposed an undisclosed fine.
Furthermore, in accordance with article 7.5.4, the Committee has disqualified the Haitian club from taking part in any Concacaf Club Competition for the next two years

So, I trust that the investigation was fair and that the club truly violated said rule. I am hoping that they would employ the same dilligence when clubs from USA, Canada, and Mexico violate their rules.

That being said, I do believe like Maxg and Asylumseeker suggested, there might be more to the story than what was said. CONCACAF went as far as to ask the club to return US$140,000 in addition to paying an extra US$30,000 penalty fees! It could be that CONCACAF believe the club officials purpotedly failed to secure visas for the players in order to pocket the prime money!

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Re: Concacaf Champions League Thread.
« Reply #1021 on: March 07, 2022, 04:44:30 PM »
A $30K penalty on top of undisclosed fines points to conduct deemed egregious. Sounds like this is not the last we will hear on this matter.


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