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Author Topic: Are there 'False prophets'among us?  (Read 456 times)

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Are there 'False prophets'among us?
« on: July 25, 2015, 08:31:48 AM »
I am not a criminologist nor a historian nor a politician : I do not bring the lived experiences of these perspectives from which to base my observations - mine is purely speculative and thoughts I have on what I read.
Growing up in the 50's and 60's , in a village setting in Trinidad one had the experience of living and enjoying the  diverse cultural landscape. Celebrating  the Christians holy periods as well as those of the Hinus and Muslims were equally acknowledge with a reverence . Mingling and interacting among the diverse groups were relatively seamless- one knew that certain boundaries were in place yet there was a respect when it came to interactions among people and their beliefs.

In the village, people's faith were easily distinguishable and the practices of such faith were evident and clearly assocciated with  some  form of spiritual affinity. The mosque held its quiet presence of worship as the various Christian churches or gatherings. I never saw large outward signs of people coming from the mosque in grabs covering their faces or robes of clothing to what is associated with the middle eastern countries.

Then came 1990 and with the uprising, there appeared to be a transformation and a new reality of what I knew as a practitioner of Islam. The  diversification within the Muslim society took on a new apparel, the members were expanded to include people who in my lived experience were not associated with this faith. People were changing their names and I was  seeing more Cassius Clay/ Muhammed Ali clones in TnT.

While this emerging sect  was sweeping the nation in the guise of religious teachings , one wondered if this would lure more youths and people in general to a life of reverence,respect and honourable living. However, going back to 1990, if that was  the birth and infusion of this transformation then what was engendered in TNT is a far cry from the ideals one would associate with a practitioner of a faith group.

Today it is sad to read of the rising gangs and the mafia like organized warfare and guns associated with certain so called religious groups. It is sad to think that some people are using a religious sect to hide beneath the gabs to commit their nefarious acts;it is sad to see that so many are seeking refugee in the holy sanctuaries  to commit wanton criminal acts and to then justify these acts in the name of an almighty figure.

The scriptures did warn us of ' false prophets, I wonder if we have a proliferation of false  prophets walking amongst us and  corrupting the youths with false teachings- - I am not saying all this can be attributed to one sector of our society but  from my observations I cannot help but wonder  how the changes in this particular faith based group has changed the landscape of TnT-  are we under a threat or part of a worldwide conspiracy by external groups to become an Islamic state? On the other hand, the growth of this sect  could be as a result of traditional religions failure  to have an impact on people's lives. The absence of moral teachings, the lack of religious principles have given ground for groups to foster a firm stronghold in a sector of society that was looking for some cause. That cause led to a national crisis in 1990- a government 's inability to deal harshly with dissidents and acts of treasons have now engendered a crisis of  innumerable proportions.

 In my readings and observations of national crises and international crises I am fearful of how what I knew growing up and what was for me a peaceful coexistence among diverse people of faith and ethnicity has now become a complex picture of paradoxical beliefs about faith and  idolatry .
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