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Author Topic: A Collective Impact to support TnT Football  (Read 394 times)

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A Collective Impact to support TnT Football
« on: July 26, 2015, 10:26:00 AM »
Sometimes it is  easier to be critical than to be correct

Ok we could blame - point fingers and be critical of those  who are being paid and in  charge of the direction of our football programs, but what if, just what if we were to collectively add our input  as de facto  ' scouts'  finding potential players, contacting players  encouraging participation this adding to the player pool of potential talent  for our respective teams.

As there are many TnT nationals across the globe and yuh know how we like to connect with people who know someone from somewhere inTnT or some one who haveTnT blood lines, let's put this to use and see what we could dig up in the next couple of months - this does not preclude the locals who may know of a diamond in the rough.

Iwould like to also propose that the TTFA  look for sponsors who may want to expand their brand internationally  and along with TNT affiliated Associations which exist in most large urban centres , host some' open camps'  inviting potential players for tryouts. These camps could be regional camps - where the players pay a nominal fee to participate. Imagine  camps in - Eastern USA mid -west  Southern and West. Replicate this iin Canada and the in pRts of Europe.

Or through this forum as many have been doing, people as they discover potential players, pass the names forward  with a little insight about the player.

I intend to take in a game or two of the Edmonton FC located bout four hours away- there is a player - defender Kareem Moses - incidently one of his teammates is on the Jamaican team .
Here is a brief bio ofKareem Moses -

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