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Author Topic: there's never a dull moment in anything trinidad  (Read 796 times)

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there's never a dull moment in anything trinidad
« on: October 15, 2016, 07:59:35 PM »
i look at trinidad week in review on sundays when ever i have the time, and there's always a strange pattern to behold even after 10 years of watching this show. i notice that no matter who's in charge there's always a level of disturbance and mele.

in politics, sports, social issues, even leisure, it's pure bachannal and comess with these people, how is it that they can't agree on nothing for the betterment and uplistment of the nation??

 a few days after what should have been a celebratory mood in the football camp for the players and the fans alike because we should have clinched a spot in the gold cup and the caribbean cup semi final, we find ourselves embroiled in another football bachannal and debacle over the players and coach, and if that wasn't enough we have finally put some of our financial woes and administrative defaults behind us only to have this f@ckry glaring in our face. am i missing something here, is there commitment in our constitution that states that we must always be in a state of gloom and instability in every facet of our living??

BTW this bunch of player IMO not serious, i say so to say that i've been watching this team behind the scenes and these men can't even play a basic fundamentally sound game without all the shenanegens and school boy mistakes.

i can't believe that we had four wingers who can't put in a decent ball in the box for our target man #9 even to draw a foul or to win a penalty?? we have cato running into traffic and losing the ball more than putting in a single cross worth mentioning, same with this garcia kid who wants to dribble past three defenders every time he gets the ball.

i can't believe that in this day and age of technical football we have defenders lobbing the ball back to the opposing defender and men trying splitting passes when their target is marked by two players, what is the coach doing about this bullshyt??
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Re: there's never a dull moment in anything trinidad
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2016, 09:21:21 PM »
I think it only proves that football is 50% physical attributes and talent and 50% mental.

We have the talent to mix it up with any team in Concacaf on any day. We struggle mentally as individuals and as a team, we rely on players hopefully being up for the challenge on a given day. Top tier teams leave nothing to chance and take a clinical approach to mental preparation.

Does this team have a sports psychologist on staff? If i had an audience with SH and DJW it would be the only question i would ask of them. These fellas train everyday, they fit and able, yes they come together a few days every couple months but they playing with each other for years so everybody knows what everybody else can and cannot do.

I just not sure a team talk with the coach is enough to mentally prepare for competition anymore, not for the level of competition we are going up against. I prefer the coach focus on preparing the team tactically for the game inclusive of in game adjustments based on the ebb and flow and let someone else tell him who is mentally ready.

A coach can't be all things, and even the coach needs to recognize that cause what i am seeing on and off the field is ominous.
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